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shac2846 4/27/2007 3:27:04 PM
Thanks for stepping in (HudsonTaco, monkeyfoot, fft5305, Merin, and especially TheWatcher). I don't understand this guy MetalWatero! "Batman Begins didn't have humor!" and that's why it wasn't successful? I thought what made the movie such a critical success was that it was so dark and complicated. You just can't make some people happy I guess. Aren't there enough fun popcorn movies out there without making more. Deep, character driven, action films like Batman Begins are a minority in the world of hollywood and if you consider the damage the previous films had done to the franchise Nolan and GOYER deserve an award for bringing Batman back to the silver screen and not just making it enjoyable but making it relevent again. Keep em coming.
Captmathman 4/27/2007 5:07:14 PM
OK, looks like I'll be "that guy." I think this might be OK, and I'd like to see a trailer.
huskers97 4/27/2007 7:20:10 PM
I dont understand why people get so pissed about movies not being good enough. If you think it sucks, oh well, life doesnt revolve around movies. If it does for you, get a job, a gf or bf, and quit playing world of warcraft 12 hours a day. anyways I loved batman begins and the lack of humor in it, I am curious about a magneto movie, but it could be bad, but if it does get made i will go see it.
almostunbiased 4/27/2007 8:53:15 PM
I always loved magneto. He was and is one of my favorites. Sure he's a bad guy, but he's just too frickin awesome not to like. I think they make him too wimpy in the movies, and I don't mean Ian's take on him. I mean he's not powerful enough. I'd love to see a film where they let him really loose. He could kill most of the x-men by himself if he wanted to.
BsimsBam7 4/28/2007 3:13:29 AM
I will agree with MetalWatero about mostly everything he said except a couple things. One thing, Blade was more than a luke warm hit. the story is better than most if not all of the vampire movies that have come out since The Lost Boys or even Interview with a Vampire. but the sequel's were the worst thing that have ever been made. Secondly, Batman Begins is probably the best telling of the Batman story ever and I can't wait for the 3 sequels. David Goyer made Batman the person he is supposed to be. A depressed, lonely guy in Bruce Wayne and a very angry vigilante. He captured what the original comic books showed. Not the family friendly, cartoony, and very very LAME stories that all but the first Batman movie directed by Tim Burton. And I am not gonna even start on Spider-Man. Spider-Man did the same thing Batman Begins did and show the struggles of the person inside the mask. But the one thing I most definately agree on MAGNETO SHOULD NOT BE MADE. I could care less what Magneto did before the first X-men movie. The only possible spin-off I would consider seeing is Wolverine cause come on, it's Wolverine. The X-men wouldn't be as popular as it is if it weren't for the Wolverine character. but Magneto could have been left out. NO more X-men PLEASE
MetalWatero 4/28/2007 3:56:24 AM
Goyer really missed the central areas he needed to hit with Batman Begins. We should have seen a Batman struggling to learn his equipment in the city of Gotham...and not always managing to get things right. It would have made for logically funny moments. Just look at all the fun Goyer could have had with the sequence where the Bat Mobile jumped buildings. Goyer could have shown a suddenly not so self assured Batman becoming as spooked as the girl, if the Bat Mobile went out of control, 26 or so, flights up. It could, and should have, been a real rollercoaster ride in that sequence. But no: as soon as it started, it just stopped...and on to the next scene. Throughout the movie, there should have been other such situations that let us worry about our hero..and really see through his eyes as a person we can relate to on a human level. Instead, we got a Batman who doesn't make mistakes. A Batman who is already the perfect weapon, who simply needed to be refined and defined. The truth is, however, Goyer was brought in to do a take on the "Batman: Year One" script...and now he is taking the credit for somebody else's work. Yes...Bat Fans...somebody else came up with the idea. As I wrote in the above text...we should have seen a Bruce Wayne/Batman who didn't have his act together. Someone who wasn't sure of himself yet, not even in costume. It was the same problem with the Batman Begins rip-off, which is the new version of Casino Royale--if only in tone, and scripted prequel archetype. In that film, we got a bold James Bond from day one...and really never saw him evolve: No, he was just a killer, from start to finish. Well, likewise in Batman Begins, all the interesting things that could have been shown, never appeared. Hell, the guy was already kicking people's butts on the streets all over the world before the villain ever met and mentored him, in the first place. I would have loved to have seen a college age Bruce Wayne who's gradually learning how to become Batman in the streets of Gotham--a guy who may not win every fight, who sometimes finds himself accidently punching a wall, instead of the villain he intended to nail--And a guy who's Bat-A-Rings don't always hit their targets. This would be a Batman who is sometimes clumsy, but one who we can tell learns from his mistakes...and corrects them.
PAGE 4/28/2007 7:46:40 AM
MetalWatero....I respect your opinion and all, and I can't speak for anyone else, but for me, there's no entertainment value in seeing a clumsy Batman in a comic book, let alone on the silver screen. Doesn't make sense to me. I'd never dish out $9 to see a clumsy superhero trying to work the "kinks" out. You'd may as well see "Blankman" at that point. Again, I respect your opinion, but there's just zero entertainment in that idea. Sorry....
Merin 4/28/2007 10:47:44 AM
1. I want less Wolverine. 2. No Magneto movie, please. 3. Batman Begins had plenty of mistakes and slip-ups. We saw his crime-fighting-as-Batman evolve just fine. When he first contacted Gordon, and fled across the rooftops, he barely made that jump to the fire escape and hurt himself. His first fight against some crooks didn't go so well, and he decided he need some element of fear. It was enough for me. 4. No Magneto movie. 5. Please, no more X-Men movies in this franchise. Its dead. I don't care that the third made the most money, it was also the worst "successful" super-hero film ever. 6. No Magneto movie. 7. Goyer might evolve into a good director - I don't think a nail has to be driven into that coffin yet. 8. Wait, he wants to make Super Max and Magneto? Maybe he shouldn't write scripts anymore . . . 9. I like the X-Men IN SPITE OF Wolverine. And I'd like less of the character, please. 10. No Magneto movie.
MetalWatero 4/28/2007 4:09:04 PM
To: The Watcher Thanks for your response. I really respect it very much, but I must say, you're missing my point...and perhaps it is my fault for not better explaining my views. When I use the word clumsy--perhaps inappropriately, I'm not talking about a slap-stick Batman. What I'm discussing, centers on a Batman who is going through a learning curve. Someone who does not know all the rules to how to become, or be, a crime fighter, because he hasn't invented them yet. Everyone has a learning curve, no matter what you do in life. Now, I figure if one claims they are going to do a truly respectful version of Batman's origins...well, it is lacking when they fail to show the problems a person might have mastering their craft, i.e., the natural mistakes anyone might make while learning the job. I recall that in the early comics, Batman used a gun for a brief time. Now wouldn't it have been interesting to show Batman employing a gun in his crime fight activities, but perhaps after wounding, or near wounding a bystander...he swears off deadly weapons and decides to use non lethal means to apprehend crimals??? That's the kind of stuff I mean by learning curve, or clumsy. Again, I'm not talking about slap-stick kind of material...rather, I'm talking about...a more human Batman, who learns to become a super hero, that's all the more the hero...because he is just like the rest of us--but his learned bravery makes him the best that we can aspire to be!!!
20105 4/29/2007 12:23:47 PM
Understand where you are coming from, MetalWatero. However, I gotta agree with TheWatcher and Merin. When Batman makes misakes he or others could die. He has no real learning curve, can't afford one. Any practice he needs or theories to sort out he does it in his cave/his estate or some such place. He should never "try it out" on the street until he has some degree of confidence he can make it work. It's why he pushes his mind and body so hard. He gains experience in combat...not practice. There is a difference. The man is insanely tedious and detail oriented. This is, in part, why he is such a great detective/strategist and hero. Most people are not willing or driven to work that hard. I do like your train of thought. In fact, I'd like Hollywood to focus heavily on that aspect if they ever remake "HERO AT LARGE". I thought John Ritter was completely human and relatable because of those type of moments, particularly when he got shot and realized he could die trying to fight crime. p.s. "MAGNETO" could do well on television, Sci-Fi channel, instead of theaters.
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