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ponyboy76 4/30/2007 7:58:28 AM
Batman Begins, to me, was right up there with Spiderman and in some areas surpassed it. It held true to the essence of what Batman is supposed to be in the comics without it being , well, too comicky. Batman definitely made mistakes during the movie and was far from perfect which was one of the reason why I liked the portrayal. It shows that he didn't just become the Dark Knight. It was an evolution. As far as Magneto goes, yes, he is a very interesting character in the comics, but as a stand alone movie? I don't think its going to work. And Goyer is a pretty damn good writer but as a director, he needs a lot of work. He can't seem to transfer his writing to the screen properly. Maybe he`ll learn some new stuff on this and one day be a better director but for now, he`s lacking. Blade was an awesome movie and as other pointed out, because of its success, other comic book movies were greenlit.
darthkaos07 4/30/2007 11:47:55 AM
Why? No one wants a Magneto movie! I agree with most of you guys, Goyer is a product of luck and timing. He really isn't that good of a writer, he got lucky with the directors. Case in point. . . . Blade 3, he wrote that along with directing. and he totally sucks as a director. . .geeez! BTW - What happen to the Green Arrow movie he was trying to do? There won't be a Magneto movie under Goyer.
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