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InnerSanctum 6/1/2012 3:23:16 PM

 Who gives a flip about Scott being gay?  I'm irratated that they completely erassed the JSA WW2 history and their legacy.  Can't have any geriatric super heroes.  Have to be young to be appealing to the target audience.  The whole 52 thing is bullshit.  

Tevii 6/1/2012 3:38:25 PM

Kungpow - hope you are joking. Like reading a gay character would make your children gay. thats not how it works if thats what you are worried about.

Im guessing that comment is a joke though

FerretJohn 6/1/2012 3:40:54 PM

I'm with InnerSanctum on this, the gay superhero thing isn't the issue, its the fact that they're completely erasing Lanterns history, his marriage and his children, turning him back to his youth because we can't have any Senior superheroes, and holding him up as the poster for "Look at us, we're up with the times."  Marvel has been running gay heroes smoothly for 20 years, once again DC is stumbling over themselves trying too hard to play chatch-up.

When it comes to same-sex marriages I'm reminded of the words of Robin Williams: What's the big deal about same-sex marriages?  Anyone who's ever been married knows it's ALWAYS the same sex!!

BunyonSnipe 6/1/2012 3:42:23 PM

Yeah waaaay too much hatred, not a big deal...

But they ARE making too big a deal of it, surely it should just be just treated like any other fact about a character... Batman is a billionaire, Superman is an alien, Alan Scott is a bit dull... erm and now he's not only a bit dull but also gay.

Betenoire 6/1/2012 3:43:37 PM

The real sad thing here is how comic companies have so punished writers with their work for hire practices that writers just give up and abandon being creative for the big companies. In an independent series- or maybe just a company where the author retained some rights to characters- the writers would actually come up with new characters and not just shoe horn in old ones for both publicity and so as not to waste a creative idea that they will not profit from in the sausage factory that are the big two comic companies.

The worst part is the fans are the losers as half creative ideas (if fans are lucky) tend to get run and then recycled into the ground which leads to fewer kids bothering to pick up the titles which just leads to more recycling as the big two clutch tighter to their properties and squeeze writers. 

Gay, not gay whatever. A poorly written story about a hetero character isn't inherently better because the character is hetero and a similarly poorly written story where the character is gay isn't suddenly going to be any better either because of what gender the character chooses to shack up with when they are not in tights...or in Morrison's case I guess they can be in tights, just not actively fighting some criminal. 

But hey, anything to try to sell funny books, though once the controvercy dies down (and it will, people move on) things have to try to stand on their own and the real sad part is how controvercy can be used for why a book fails and be an easy excuse for publishers not to look at how they are setting their books up to fail in most areas of their publishing.

InnerSanctum 6/1/2012 3:50:49 PM

 I was thumbing through some of my old JSA books and Robinson's Starman.  Sad that they have been wiped clean and no longer exist as a link to the past.  

Robinson has written gay characters in his past series.  The 80's Starman was openly gay.  I never finished his Shade series, but keep meaning to pick up the remaining issues (if they were printed.)  I think he is a good writer and you will see some solid stories.  

I hate holding on to the past, but I think that is what Goyer and Robinson were best at and they made me care about characters that had been neglected.  I wouldn't have cared if Scott came out of the closet after having to children (one being gay).  It is just too bad a modern audience can't handle continuity, or history.  I didn't have that problem when I was a kid.  That was the part I loved the most.  Learning about these characters, finding old back issues, and egarly awaiting each month for the comics to hit the local 7-11.  

Tevii 6/1/2012 3:51:46 PM

@FerretJohn-  he can be gay and still have children from an ex, before he came to terms with his sexuality.... but the point of The New 52 is they DID wipe all the characters histories away. This is a clean slate. The only untouched are Green Lantern (as in Corps) and Batman

Kaziklu 6/1/2012 3:58:24 PM

 Sorry I'm long winded.

Lazarus, you ask why gay people are special... the answer is they aren't. All people have the right to be represented and all people have the right to feel good about them selves. Kids are teased for being smart in the West.. seriously think about that people in the west get accused of having an education as a smear against them.

Our society is a little slow though, we all kinda ride the short bus and we aren't allowed near the matches. As such we tend to choose one subject at a time to introduce, as such we deal with the most insidious of issues to those in "charge" first. Started with the Catholic Protestant issue in Canada, Slavery in the US, then to Jewish people getting equal rights, which was still an issue into the 40s. Then Womans rights, then Segragation and Racisim against Visible Minorities, and now it's Homosexuality and we are right at the end of the fight. I don't know what the next fight will be, most likely Bulying as a whole, or Health care.

Comic Books historically haven't really been great with that... I mean... Black Comic book Hero's haven't really been... amazing. What we have learned from the Daredevil movie though is that Characters can change race without too much issue and actually be as good or better. Nick Fury has also taught as that, as has Green Lantern, and Spiderman. As such we can have versions of Characters of Different races, and now it's being tried with sexual identiy to better represent the make up of the world... and of course to make a buck or two.

When I was growing up, and maybe this was just because I'm Canadian, but being a Conservative didn't mean against change, it meant being true to our values but not being afraid of change for the sake of it. I'm a fairly small see conservative, in that I have no issue with change in the world, but I want the best of today and yersterday not to disappear. Big Conservative generally want to surpress anything they don't like, and will lie, cheat and steal to do it. (The Middle East is full of Big C Conservatives, the KKK was full of Big C Conservatives, Slave Owners were Big C Conservatives. Eventually history see a Big C conservative as being a backward thinking individual at best, a bigiot or racist at worse. I'm not suggesting you are one or the other (Big or Little C) But you do want to look at how you see the world and ask, how will my views be looked at in 50 years.

Now to me I could care less about how someone is protraited in a Comic book, there are lots of them out there, and if this one of nearly a dozen versions of the Green Lantern happens to be gay, who really cares in the grand scheme. There isn't a seceret cabal of Gay people saying we want kissey kissey time. What we really have is a group of exec's many of whom living is socialy progressive regions, saying.. hey Gay people have money lets take a reconized super hero and make him gay to boost sales.

It could result in great stories, or it could be crap. I see the potential, alot of other do to.. but I don't think anyone is holding their breath for greatness.

hanso 6/1/2012 4:14:23 PM

 kungpao,i read that if u are touched by a gay u become gay.

tjanson 6/1/2012 4:15:23 PM

Frankly this totally offends me...Not as a heterosexual male but as a comic fan of 35 years.  It's nothing but a stupid, money grabbing publicity grab by DC.  Green lantern is gay.  What?  Not the green lantern in the movie?  Not the Green lantern in the animated show?  Not the green lantern of the Justice league animated show?  Oh the "Golden Age" Green Lantern?  The General public is saying "Huh?" there's another green Lantern?  Thousands of them?  Of this is the one from my grandfather's days? 

This is no different than DC killing Robin in the 1980s.  What?  They killed robin?  Oh Poor Dick Grayson!  What?  Jason Todd?  Who the F*ck is jason Todd?  Nightwing?  What?

This is DC making a publicity grab but wanting to do it safely with a character who has THE name...but not THE character that the general public knows.  This is nothing new.  There have been gay characters...there was one in the 1980s that had AIDS.  Bloodfire I believe was the name.  This is once again DC not having the slightest clue that IT'S THE STORY, STUPID!  Give us good stories without the stunts


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