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cdale78 6/3/2010 12:04:25 AM

The Legion of Superheroes is back, that's all DC needs.  As long as they can keep that title alive and keep Green Lantern going, I could care less about the rest.

I read in a Bendis interview that the plan for the Sentry all along was for him to be generally ineffective and eventually go crazy and need to be stopped.  Take that for whatever it's worth, but it would seem to explain the cry and fly off strategy for the Sentry in every big Marvel battle

Crisis on Infinite Earths #8 (The death of Barry Allen) was/is one of my all-time favorite comics as a youngster.  I really enjoyed how they developed Wally as a true replacement for Barry as the Flash.  On the other hand, the argument I've heard before for Barry Allen returning was that he was the first Silver Age superhero, so why is he relegated to the graveyard of comics when much less important characters have come back again and again.  Arguably, we would not have the current comics landscape without him.  I don't know that the fans would accept long term Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne dying and being replaced, so why Barry and Hal?  Not necessarily my stance, but an argument I've heard.

I've debated again and again about the progression of comic book characters.  It's a fine balance between showing progress in ongoing publications and maintaining the iconic status that makes these characters popular in the first place.  I personally don't understand the desire to see characters grow old, have kids, and have Frank Castle Jr. take on the family business.  Seems to me like we'd be screwing over future generations with the stories of Franklin and Valeria Richards' Fantastic Two with Reed and Ben in the old folk's home.  I want my kids and my kid's kids to read about Peter Parker Spider-Man, not Mayday Parker Spider-Girl.  Nothing against Spider-Girl, but if it comes down to a choice between the two, I'll go with Spider-Man every time. 

Hobbs 6/3/2010 7:39:30 AM

cdale78, that's an interesting comment.  Your line of thought is what lead Frank Miller to do the Dark Knight Returns.  

I personally do not think comics will survive if kids are not buying them and so many of them can't afford all the titles that I could back when I was a kid and had a paper route, for example.  The successful movies help but unless something changes I think that's just postponing the inevitable. 

Dodgyb2001 6/3/2010 9:23:47 AM

I'm again, another one for change. DC did a great job switching out GL and Flash, and really getting fans to like the new guys, and now it's back to silver age guys who weren't that interesting in the first place. Hal has worked better with the amount of stuff he's been through adding to his character, but it just seems Barry came back just because a writer wanted him to. I love Geoff Johns' work, but he doesn't need to bring every silver age hero back.

I loved the last couple of years at marvel with the whole dark avengers thing, it's been so much fun watching Norman build this evil team then slowly have it fall apart, but I'll just echo what a lot of others have said, I don't think Bendis can write heroic characters. His Avengers have been ineffective populist picks, but they've been much more heroic in titles not written by Bendis, not in the Bendis Avengers. Spider-man's face off against War-Machine and Komodo in the Initiative showed how strong Peter Parker is as a character now. Consider the ineffective Sentry, a character who is his own weakness. Could Bendis have written a Superman comic?

I very much enjoyed Dark Avengers, as this is where Bendis could play to his strengths, the group of loners all with their own agendas eventually falling apart due to their own infighting. Heroes have infights too, but they see the bigger picture. That's what makes them heroes. I think this is why the new Avengers is struggling to find its feet. Heroes face mostly external threats, while villain's problems are mostly self driven, and that's more in Bendis' style.

cdale78 6/3/2010 3:38:58 PM

Hobbs, it's interesting that you cite the current approach to comics as necessary for the survival of the industry, when comics have never sold less in their entire history as they do now.  Don't get me wrong, I love comics, and I love that they are written with a more mature reader in mind these days, but that doesn't exactly make for a long-term business model.  Now maybe the mythical young readers out there don't really exist, but for a product that, no matter what any of us do, will always be seen as a child's product, making it non-kid friendly hasn't worked out for it really well.  Again, that's good for fans like you and me, we get stories like Watchmen and Dark Knight Returns,  but does it sacrifice the future of the characters?  I'm not smart enough to know.  I'm sure there are other factors in the drop of overall sales, the rise of the direct market, video games prominence, the fact people don't read anymore at all. 

prodigal73 6/3/2010 5:39:16 PM

Wow, another anti-DC article...how original.  I guarantee next weeks Heroic Age article will be all positive for Marvel, because the Siege was a leap forward for the comic book industry.  I guess if fanboys like Bendis or Brubaker have their names on the cover then the book must be good, right?  Haven't they resurrected a few dead heroes themselves?  How original.  Talk about not writing anything original or worthwhile for Marvel in nearly a decade. Civil War just put Marvel back where they were before Civil War - what's the point.  When was the last time a Marvel hero passed the torch?  Steve Rogers passed the Cap mantle to Bucky, and before that...the Human Torch from the forties to the one from FF.  You can't count Hawkeye passing on the mantle because it was returned back to him just like it was to Hal Jordan and Barry Allen - oh, by the way, didn't Clint Barton come back from the dead too?  Don't get me wrong I like Clint, but dead should be dead - thats why I think Bruce should stay dead, Grayson is doing a great job.   No I haven't forgotten, where are those visible minorities at Marvel?  Black Panther, Luke Cage, Storm - thats it?  When have they ever carried a successful series? Its the reason why the Atom/Ryan Choi, the new Firestorm, or  the new Blue Beetle all failed.  Readers don't relate with these characters - its the reason that past series with the Atom/Palmer, Firestorm/Ronnie and Blue Beetle/Ted Kord failed.  On the matter of the Atom/Ryan Choi series, Gail Simone is a heck of a writer and with John Byrne illustrating that series, it should've been a success - top talent, a true commitment by DC, and marketed well.  Not even Grant Morrison's mad skills could save a series/character readers could not relate to.

I've been reading/collecting comics for over 25 years now.  And in all those years I've found two camps when it comes to super-hero books.  Marvel fans who hate all things DC (out of jealousy for their legacy and longevity) and DC fans who enjoy all super-hero books including Marvel books because they are comic book fans, period.  Now as one sided as my post may be I am Marvel fan as I'm a DC fan (my collection is split pretty much50/50). Remember a good read is a good read regardless of the publisher.  We should be celebrating the success both companies have had, and all the young minds they have inspired with fantastic tales for so many years.

cdale78 6/4/2010 12:32:37 AM

Did you really just type that minority characters are unrelateable?

Hobbs 6/4/2010 7:50:12 AM

cdale, I understand comics are at a all time high profit wise but is that because of the $5 average per comic price?  I honestly don't know that's why I ask.  When I was 12 years old I remember comics going for 75 cents per issue so I could buy 20 titles of all my favorites each month and still have money left over to save.  Kids can't do that anymore.  Which is another reason why I think new comic heroes or teams never last. 

Maybe it all evens out but I would guess the majority of profit the comic companies are making are coming from the adults.  Don't get me wrong, I don't think comic industry is going to dry up in the next year but as we are all getting older and become old men with grandchildren then I think you could see the end of comics UNLESS they find a way to make it more affordable for kids. 

lister 6/4/2010 8:29:08 AM


Hmmmm.... seems to me I've seen tons of love on these pages for all things DC, from 52 to Blackest Night to Brightest Day to the new Batman.

I am sorry that you have only met two kinds of people in this world, the Star Bellied DC Lovers and the Bare Bellied Marvel Lovers. My experience with comic book fans has been much richer and more varied than that.

okonomiyaki4000 6/5/2010 7:35:18 PM

 I can't comprehend what anyone sees in the DCU. Green Lantern is probably the best thing they've got going and even it's going nowhere. The 'emotional spectrum' was a decent enough idea (except that green's 'willpower' is not really an emotion at all so...) but just when it started going somewhere, Blechest Night happened. It was so hyped up and it turned out to be a lame ass zombie story where the payoff was: Aquaman is back!!!! Because the world was clamoring for a return of Aquaman, right? 

On the other hand, I thought Marvel's Dark Reign was pretty good and The Siege capped it off well enough. I'm not so optimistic about the Heroic Age. Second Coming has been great so far and Marvel's cosmic books are pretty entertaining. 

But lister is right, there's more than just the two big publishers. It would be nice to see some less well known books get a little press for a change. 

Diesel2126 6/8/2010 4:56:39 PM

DC usually does more clear good and evil then Marvel were there is grey area, which I like.

I serisouly think the future for DC is bright as it will for all comic books.

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