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goldeneyez 6/9/2010 7:17:43 AM

I found this article a pretty good read on the state of race at DC comics:

The Racial Politics of Regressive Story Telling


@Prodigal73 I thought Hudlin's Black Panther Run was actually a successful comic series.

@cdale78 I read the same thing Prodigal78 wrote, but I think he meant the characters regardless of who was wearing the mantle were unrelateable... at least I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt.  Personally I think any character is relatable if written well.  It's all about the writer.  I think if you took the suckiest character in the world and put him in the hands of a great writer who had a passion for the character and good stories to tell, the character would stop being lame.

PookDogg 6/15/2010 1:49:57 PM

I was so shocked to read this review, most people that I've spoken to about the direction of the big 2 & the books they've both put out, (The Heroic Age & Brighter Days) respectively.  They say with everything going on be it the Maritian Manhunter story of the Hawks love story there is more interesting stories... Than just here's a new group of avengers & now we'll break it down into a bunch of other teams... Get off Marvel's shaft...

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