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DCG Flashback 01/15/2006

By Blazej Szpakowicz     January 15, 2006

Welcome to the latest installmentof the DCG Flashback. Once again, we hope you'll join us as we take a look intothe hidden depths of the C2F vaults and unearth some of the classic art ofyesteryear.

The Danger Room by Marcelo Gomes

I think this was before my time, I honestly can't say I remember seeing this piece. The first thing I think of when I see this piece, is I wish I could see a bigger version of it. It's one of those manips that screams for a bigger version. Hell, I see this and I could see it as an opening of one of the movies, the way the shadows are being cast from the monitor room, the teamwork and action outside in the danger room... I mean this could be a great opening to any of the movies, as well as an introduction to new characters. I like the sense of motion and action in this image, it feels like the characters are moving and not just static. The one droid getting punched by Rogue, that is just cool looking, that could have been an alone image. It's a cool image and I'm glad I got to see it bouncing around looking for stuff.

- dperceful

Showdown: Blink vs Holocaust by Marrow2000 and by Marcelo Gomes

And now, from the "I've been meaning to do a Flashback on this pic forever" department... Marcelo"Marcelo" Gomes and David "Marrow2000" Moran are two of my all-time favourite DCG artists.By an astounding coincidence (no, not really), they're also two of the all-time bestDCG artists, two guys from The Olden Days whose work remains a cut (or two, or three) above almost anything being posted today. When they get together, you know it's gonna begood. And indeed, it is! First off, note how this doesn't even really look like a collaborationpic. You can just about see a difference in style between Marcelo's Holocaust and David'sBlink if you stare long enough, but the two characters totally feel like they both belong in the pic. And when two artistswith very different styles collaborate, that is not easy to achieve. What else can one say?Well, one can say that Holocaust is pretty damn amazing. I don't recall ever seeing any otherversions of him in the DCG (or anywhere else), and that may quite possibly be because of howperfectly Marcelo nailed him here! Great armour (or whatever), brilliant (pardon the pun) energies,cool work on the skull and even cooler work on the skeletal fingers (cause aren't those just thatlittle much cooler than the somewhat obviously franked skull?) Quite superb. And then there'sBlink! As I've mentioned on numerous ocassions, I'm quite a fan of our Miss Ferguson. She's reallywell done here: sexy, gorgeously lit (lighting was always one of Marrow's strengths, and he provesthat here), and with beautiful colours. That lavender skin looks very alive, doesn't it?That's rare. Cool power effects too, particularly the darts. The teleport effect somewhatlets the side down, but probably not enough for anyone to really notice. (I only did because of howlong I stared at this image in writing this flashback!) And then there's the background (let's sparesome thoughts for that, hmm?): simple, iconic, and very Age of Apocalypse. Simply superb, gentlemen.Wish you were (still) here!

- B

Firestorm by TRYGONEZ

I've always liked Firestorm... I remember reading the first run of his comic as a kid. Then he was picked as one of the new members of the Superfriends... and I remember thinking that was sooooo cool: as a kid the Superfriends were the big time. This image just grabs me because it reminds me of my childhood connection with the character... and oh yeah... it's very well done. The dark contrasts work very well with the red and yellow. The whole chest piece is a cool design, the speed of flight is done well, and the subtle text on the sides just works. It's just cool looking, plus it's a character that is not manipped too much... so that's an extra bonus.

- dperceful

Illyana Rasputin 2003 by WinterRose

Well, that's a pleasant surprise! I can't really say that I particularly remember WinterRose'swork. Looking through his gallery now, I'd judge that his manips are generally in "good" ratherthan "great" territory. But this... Maybe I'm biased, being a fan of Magik, but this would seemto be an exception. Everything just comes together perfectly... the various frankensteinedelements (the costume, the hair, the armour, the sword) fit together very well. The lightingdoesn't exactly match -- compare the back arm to the glove it's wearing, for example -- but it's closeenough to work, and the individual elements are well chosen: the armour is great, the swordis perfectly chosen, the hair looks like it belongs... Cool pose and casting as well... doesn'tblonded Milla just look like Illyana? And as befits someone who really digs cool effects, I justhave to mention the very cool-looking stepping disk. It's not integrated into the image as wellas it could be, but it's still a very cool and very unique effect. Overall, this is a great pic,well manipped, and very true to the character. Cool background too (did I mention the background?)And I probably wouldn't have come across it without the Flashback... This is one of thoseunexpected discoveries that makes this feature worth writing.

- B

Elektra by Welshcat

Okay, so this doesn't quite fall into either of the usual categories I go for in the flashback,which are early DCG pics that most people wouldn't have seen and those more recent onesthat everyone seems to have forgotten. This is fairly recent (it postdates my debut at C2F,so to me, it's recent), and I think it's one of Welshie's better known scenes (it won Best Scenein the inaugural DCG Awards, and I think that counts for something). But Iwanted to comment on one of Welshie's pics, and this was the one I kept coming back to. Causeeven two plus years on, I think this is one of my favourites of his work. It's not perfect (the twocharacters don't quite feel like they're in the same pic, Bullseye's pose feels very stiff, anddear God!, have you ever seen anyone wearing such placid expressions in the midst of alife-or-death battle?), but it's still quite brilliant. Bullseye is flawed (like I said...it's a very stiff pose), but he's still well done, with a nicelytextured costume (great wrinkles!) and some cool wounds. And Elektra is simply fantastic.The silk texture is gorgeous, sexy and totally appropriate for the character. All the littleribbons have a great flow and lighting to them... sure, it's a small detail, but small detailsare what make manips great rather than merely really good. And again, she has some nice wounds.And then there's the sweat... remember what I said about details? The sweat is quite possibly thesingle coolest element in this manip. Cause, really, who'd think to put in something like that? Andyet know that that damned cat has gone and done it, it seems a pretty obvious thing to add! So,a great pic overall, still one of my faves even after all these years. (Oh, and Welshie gets bonuspoints for actually making Jen Garner look Mediterranean! That's something that always irked meabout that movie... well okay, one of many things, really...)

- B

Fathom v 2.0 by Zac

This is one of those images that got me interested in the character. Before seeingthis I was only passingly familiar with Fathom and afterwards I chased down as much as Icould about her. That said let me talk about why I love this image so much. This is one ofthe first times - at least that I am aware of - that Zac merged two peoples faces toseamlessly create a completely new person and that is a technique he would eventuallyuse to create totally unique faces for the "human" members of the Fantastic Four. Beyondthat is the water work. I think this effect along with Sue Storm's invisiblity are two ofthe hardest powers to actually visual accomplish. You need to keep the outline intact forthe limb definition while at the same time you have to make them transparent and refractive.This piece also has a very convincing water spray where Fathom is emerging and creating arandom pattern like that is much more difficult than it might seem. So this piece is abeautiful image of a cool character.

- Shaylinn

Cyclops by Sticks

This whole series by Sticks is a standout. I really like the Cyclops one the most, not because he is one of my favorite characters... but because of the lighting. It's a nice use of dramatic lighting and it really gets this image popping off the monitor for you. The pose is great and the beam is great, I mean it's just a cool looking piece.

- dperceful

Trigun v2.0 by Weapon X

This image is one that I always think of when someone mentions movie posters. Veryoften you see an actor or actress placed over a solid color or random net image,a title tossed on and either made up or copied credits. This one is very differentfrom that. You can imagine the time and effort put into manipulating both Vash andthe secondary characters that make up the left side of the image. And the use ofthe perspective and the gun being pointing out towards the viewer makes the pieceall the more intriguing. When you add the bullet shattered glass fragments WeaponX added a very cool but also very tricky stylistic element. It is never hard to addsomething like that if you have the knowledge but he also makes sure that the glasshas an effect on the part of the image behind it. The gun, Vash's hand and the ColinFarrell character are all fragmented by the breaks in the glass. As a fan of animewho doesn't have regular access to it this image makes me curious to see the movieand since that is the purpose of a movie teaser poster it succeeds admirably.

- Shaylinn

Snow White by daekazu

I love color. It's just something about me you may not have known. I truly enjoy the experienceof viewing the world in all its Technicolor glory. There are people out there who can takethe seemingly simple colors of our visual spectrum and combine them in ways to touch oneemotionally. I saw this image by daekazu and had to catch my breath. His use of color here issimply beautiful. The sexy rendering of Snow White, and the rich and gorgeous shading combinedwith this use of color are Brilliant. Yes, that is with a capital B.

- Biohaz_Daddy

JSA 9 by MysticMorgan

Of course I knew Morgan was good prior to this image. Just look at his gallery and youwill see countless images of high quality predating this one, but this one cemented it forme. I saw this and it made me pause. This is classic illustration all the way. It haseverything: dynamic lighting, a muscle bound hero, a perfect color pallet, columns lol...Every touch, from the torn pages of the book, to the sparkley magic forming a figure behindFate, create something that rings completely true. Let's not forget the wonderful cape either.Morgan demonstrates how an image is complete, not based on its photo realism, but oncomposition, tone and color. There are no tricky Photoshop textures, nary a seam, yet this imageis rich in details. One more thing Morgan managed to cram into this little piece, again creatinga classic illustration, is story. We can read this image like a story... we may not all come upwith the same tale, but it is assuredly a page turner.

- Biohaz_Daddy


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