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DCG Flashback 11/06/2005

By Blazej Szpakowicz     November 06, 2005

Welcome to the latest installmentof the DCG Flashback. Once again, we hope you'll join us as we take a look intothe hidden depths of the C2F vaults and unearth some of the classic art ofyesteryear.

LOGAN by The InFamous NeuroJockey

The thing about this piece that really stands out for me is how it successfullyborrows from and pays homage to Japanese prints and watercolors. The use of reds,the shape of the mountain, the placement of the text, and the clouds as designall ring true. The fact that Logan is captured perfectly is a real bonus as well.You can easily imagine Logan is in the midst of his stop at nothing quest toreunite with Muriko. There are also some nice story elements adding to the depthof the image. Such as the blood of some poor henchman that got in his way addingflow to the design (pun intended). As well as the steam of breath indicating thetemperature and solidifying his location on a mountain top. It is too bad thatThe InFamous NueroJockey has little in the gallery because I suspect that imagesof this quality are commonplace for them. It is this type of serious artisticapproach to comic images that attracted me to the DCG in the firstplace.

- Biohaz_Daddy

Mojo by Marcelo Gomes

when I first saw this image all I said was WOW. Marcelo Gomes is one of the best mannipers of days gone by. I have always enjoyed artists doing characters that do not get done very often, mostly due to difficulty. Marcelo was before my time, but when I first joined C2F his gallery was one of my favorite. What makes this image so impressive is the attention to detail. The tiny wires to the metal legs are all blended together perfectly. the slight discoloration of his skin and the folds and wrinkles in it are perfectly executed, the metal legs are some of the best metal around even today. The lighting on this picture is also perfectly executed adding to its realism as well as enhancing the look and feel of the picture. Knowing that the base model was John Leguizamo has me staring at this picture looking for a part of him I recognize. I have still yet to see someone else do this character and do a better job of it. If this image was posted today, it would still blow everything else in an update away.

- Winterhawk

Uncanny X-Men 275 by kev_incal

I remember when I first saw this image, I was in awe. Kev had been hyping up his 100th piece for a while, and we were all anxiously expecting something big, but this was just such a sweet pic, it surpassed my greatestexpectations. Cover recreations as a whole are really difficult, and hepulled this gatefold cover off beautifully. The casting was all spot-on(except... I was a bit disappointed that Kev chose Ziyi Zhang and not himselfas Psylocke, but I suppose she's a bit more respected and clean as an actress.)Their 'powers' were nicely done, but not over-the-top, the costuming is top-notch,and their skin tones are 'ethnically aware and different' if that makes any senseat all. I remember my first thought when I saw this was "Wow... these look likethey could really pop off the page!" Kudos to Kev for his 100th piece,since up to this point, he had done A-list work for each of his pieces. This is one of my all-time favorite pieces in the DCG.

- Marrow2000

Dark Knight Returns: Batman and Robin by Thom

So, here I go, dipping yet again into the file marked "People who don't post inthe DCG anymore, but who used to kick some pretty serious ass back in the day."Thom is still one of the mainstays of C2F. Back in the day, he was also a regular(and regularly great) fixture in the DCG. This was perhaps his best work. Now, Ishould say that I'm not a huge fan of DKR. It's good, but in my opinion, extremelyoverrated. So it's not exactly something I go out of my way to look for pics of...And what that means is that an image based on DKR must be very, very good indeedto catch my attention. And that's exactly what this is: very, very good indeed. It hasfine costuming. I'd especially like to bring everyone's attention to the capes...damn, but aren't those some of the best capes you've ever seen? Batman's in particularshould pretty much be hanging on the walls of the Louvre of Photoshopped capes. Thepose is great as well, dead right for this pair of character: Batman is solid andcommanding, while Robin is young, athletic, vital and looks like she's having thetime of her life. (And isn't Jena Malone perfect casting for Carrie?) In terms of bothcomposition and execution, this image from the Good Ol' Days sets an exceptionally highstandard that any current artist should still be trying to meet.

- B

Wonder Girl by Dodgy

Ummm. Wow! I mean, I can't say I strongly remember Dodgy's work... but I won't bemaking that mistake again. Holy cow, there is some great stuff here... just look at this Batman!And if I'm correct, I think this was theRogue picthat made the internet rounds as the real Rogue costume. Just awesome stuff,without the flashback I wouldn't have stumbled across this great work.

- dperceful

She Brings Death by StatXero

StatXero is yet another one of those artists who hasn't been posting all thatmuch over the past few years. Which is a shame, since I for one have alwaysthought her work to be one of the highlights of the DCG. She consistentlyproduces top notch images... nice costuming, cool power effects, some greathumour (most notable in her "Title" pics of DCG artists). Overall, she's donesome truly great stuff. Now, this is perhaps not quite her best work(though to me, it's certainly quite high on the list), but I've always been partial toNeil Gaiman's work (as anyone who's seen my avatar at Heromorph can testify), sothis superb little version of Death caught my eye. And I really do think this isone of the better pics of the character in the gallery. It's in black and white,and that, along with the character's thoughtful pose, serves to lend this image anartistic, contemplative air that fits the more solemn aspects of the characterlike a glove, without making her seem "dark." The textures on the clothing arequite good (if a bit smudgy in spots). The model is a good fit for the character,beautiful but thoughtful. The ankh works, and the way Stat has added it to theimage is perfect. Even the hair looks quite good. (And as anyone who has tried tomake the stuff from scratch knows, that is really difficult to accomplish!)

- B

Cyber2Reality Redo: American McGee's Alice by localhero

I always have loved the darker tone of this game, and thought it would make agreat re-telling of the classic tale. I mean c'mon... Alice goes insane afterher parents are killed and she must return to Wonderland to regain her sanity...that's got Tim Burton written all over (pity he's a hack director). I thoughtthis piece by localhero made a perfect, dead-on movie poster. It's one of thosemovie poster ideas that you can see on a billboard and it works perfectly. The font is just right, the colors are there to grab your attention, and theeyes and look of Alice are just great. This image nails everythinga movie poster should be.

- dperceful

Arkham: Most Dangerous Flower in the Greenhouse by Zac

Can you believe Zac hasn't had a flashback article yet? :shakes head: Timeto rectify that, methinks. Now, Young Mr. Pensol has done a lot of awesome ork over the years. I'd say he's probably the single DCGer who has improvedthe most since he first started posting on the site. Among his best known workis his awesome Arkham Asylum series. And while I know Zac pretty much hatesmost of his pics in that series now :), I for one still think they're awesome.I'm sure many folks around here would agree with me, too! Now, Zac did somepretty amazing things with this series. He took a pretty limited concept,limited himself to using only one set background, not to mention a particularset of characters... and he hit a series of unique and distinct home runs.Each installment in the series was at least a very good piece of work (somemore so than others, admittedly). I think this is the best of the lot: PoisonIvy. It showcases all of the strengths of the Arkham Asylum series... that onesame, interchangeable prison cell (Or, okay, insane asylum cell) has been"decorated" in a way completely appropriate for the character. You can easilysee the lengths Zac's gone to to add all the vegetation to this image. Eachsurface has a different pattern of growth. And look at the flowers on the wallbehind Ivy... there's barely any repetition of individual flowers, and whatlittle there repetition there is has been mixed up enough that you can't reallytell it's being repeated! Sure, it's a tiny little detail that few people wouldnotice, but it's that sort of attention to detail that can make the differencebetween a great image and a merely good one. And how about Ivy herself? Gorgeousskin tone, with enough of a green hue to look unnatural without looking totallyover the top. And a pose that feels perfect for the character... communing withher plants (a cliche turn of phrase, perhaps, but a very apt choice of pose)All in all, this is quite simply awesome stuff.

- B

Mystique by bullsik

I've always liked Mystique, both as a character, and secondly as a piece of art towork on. Very few people get that skin tone just right, myself included. Here's a great example of first, a beautiful illustration, and secondly anawesome color job. The skin tone is great, but to me it's really all of the otherstuff that is just perfect. The pants, the shirt, the smoke, the room... allare great examples of coloring. It's not over the top... nothing is too bright,nothing is too dull... much like baby bear's bed... it's just right.

- dperceful


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