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Thank You for Not Smoking (Article) - 11/2/2006 2:34:40 PM

From noblenonsense: "I can see the point of portraying someone's vices in comics. It adds depth to the character and portrays them as more human. But it adds NOTHING to the story itself. In the overall character development the fact that someone smokes adds little if anything." Hey guys, Kurt here. So, what about the Hellblazer story arc "Dangerous Habits"? You know, the one where John Constantine almost died from lung cancer? Sometimes, characters' vices are integral to the story. I'll ask Karl about formatting the listings a little better. Thanks to everyone that commented. K

Character Consensus and the Evolution of Heroes (Article) - 10/5/2006 10:31:24 AM

Kurt here. Please. My sense of humor is way lower than the gutter. It's more like in the sewer, kickin' it with the Ninja Turtles. Al's is somewhere near the Earth's molten core. Seriously, we'll clean up the listings some because I think we've milked the mom/sister/wife and "Al's a perv" jokes to death. Like I said, it crashed and burned. Not every column can rule.

Character Consensus and the Evolution of Heroes (Article) - 10/4/2006 6:39:38 PM

Hey guys, Kurt here. Okay, first: Celebrity Jeopardy crashed and burned. I admit it and I'm sorry. It sucked. It seemed like a good idea, but we rushed it and it reads like a scene from Hostel or Audition. Second: we'll see what we can do with the listings, but keep in mind that Al does it for free (like his mom...wait, sorry) and I'm a limitless fountain of lame jokes. But, we'll hereby try to avoid "yo mama" jokes and "Al's a perv" lines. Third: I made a hypothetical argument for character ownership by pointing out that the only person that could, realistically, own a character is the creator. That's the only solid ground anyone could stand on when trying to define the "true" version of a character. And, most of those original stories suck. Anyone else has no claim to absolutely understanding the character, because with so many creators involved over the years, you can't really nail down what Batman's like. But, other writers have improved on the original ideas over the years, but have subtley violated the initial vision of Kane or Lee or whomever. But, that's not a bad thing. Comic heroes are modern folklore, and they change and hopefully improve in the retelling. I just meant that no reader could claim to really "get" a character, because other than the (sometimes crappy) original, nothing else can lay claim.


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