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Come Back, Cap! (Article) - 4/10/2009 8:40:07 PM

Hey guys, Kurt here.  Ben thanks for the spotlight for Dead Souls.  The second issue was and is by far the most difficult one for me to get together for a lot of reasons.  Thus far, the response has been really positive.  Thanks to everyone that has already checked it out.  Everyone else, I hope you'll give it a shot.  The third issue should be out by the summer.

Comicscape: Kurtâ%u20AC%u2122s Final Comicscape (Article) - 10/30/2008 1:36:36 AM

<p>I already took Ben out back.&nbsp; Then, I asked his wife out to dinner and bought his kids all the toys he wouldn't.</p> <p>Seriously though, Ben is probably going to stay on and do the listings with Chad.&nbsp; Someone has to make bathroom jokes around here every week.</p> <p>Thanks for all of your kind words, guys.&nbsp; This has been a great ride.&nbsp; But, I'm not going far.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Kurt</p>

Comicscape: A Bit of This and That (Article) - 10/16/2008 9:51:21 AM

<p>Hey guys, Kurt here.</p> <p>Christ, let me get a fire hose.</p> <p>Okay, I'll own up.&nbsp; &quot;Torture porn&quot; was probably not the best term to attach to the increased violence in DC Comics.&nbsp; Everybody read that?&nbsp;&nbsp;Read it again.&nbsp; Read it once more.&nbsp; It was a poor choice of words.&nbsp; Some commentators, bloggers, and editorialists have thrown the term around in relation to DC.&nbsp;&nbsp;I just read it in a few places when I was cruising for column fodder and used it.&nbsp; But, I'm hardly some kind of prude that hates violence in comics.&nbsp; I realize that I'm a big <strong>Little LuLu </strong>fan and everything, but I don't have a problem with graphic violence at all.&nbsp; Of the many titles I've dropped lately, I've kept <strong>The Punisher</strong>, which is as horrifically violent as books get.</p> <p>I only disapprove of violence when I feel that it's trying to push boundaries for no other purpose than to shock, offend, and draw attention to itself.&nbsp; There are plenty of movies that I feel quite comfortable calling torture porn because they have very little to offer other than unrestrained brutality.&nbsp; <strong>Captivity</strong> anyone?&nbsp;&nbsp;Then again, I quite like <strong>The Devil's Rejects</strong> and I thought the first <strong>Hostel</strong> was decent.&nbsp; I thought <strong>Saw</strong> had a pretty good idea, but one that could've been realized better.&nbsp;</p> <p>Now, DC&nbsp;hasn't quite reached (or sunk to) the depths of so many &quot;torture porn&quot; movies (hence my apology), but there has been a conscious move towards more violence and adult content to appear &quot;edgier.&quot;&nbsp;&nbsp;If you don't believe me, read Valerie D'Orazio's blog Occasional Superheroine ( and go back to the beginning, where she talks about working at DC before <strong>Identity Crisis</strong> came out. &nbsp;This shift was mandated by the powers-that-be at DC in an effort to shed the publisher's comparably wholesome image.&nbsp; My only concern is that DC&nbsp;probably&nbsp;ought to remember why some&nbsp;people (and not me, truth be told; I like darker material) prefer their universe over Marvel's.&nbsp; Marvel is where bad&nbsp;things happen&nbsp;to good people and the heroes win, but only at a terrible price.&nbsp;&nbsp;DC is where good&nbsp;triumphs over evil in the end, and all is right with&nbsp;the world.&nbsp;&nbsp;Those are generalizations and I'm sure all of you can point to counter-examples, like&nbsp;<strong>Green Arrow:&nbsp;The Longbow Hunters&nbsp;</strong>or&nbsp;<strong>The Killing Joke</strong>.&nbsp;&nbsp;But, I'm talking about&nbsp;overall perceptions as&nbsp;I see them.&nbsp;&nbsp;You may see them differently, but this is an editorial column.&nbsp; These ideas are up for discussion.&nbsp; I only think that DC&nbsp;should inject adult content with great caution, lest they end up looking like your grandfather dancing at&nbsp;a&nbsp;My Chemical Romance (who, to avoid accusations, I don't like) to look cool.</p> <p>That's all I'm saying.&nbsp; Your mileage may vary.</p> <p>K</p>

Comicscape: Halfway There: A Midsummer Report (Article) - 9/3/2008 9:21:08 AM

Hey guys, Kurt here. I've probably mentioned this before, but I work for the New Orleans Office of Homeland Security. We handle the evacuation process that Ben referred to. A couple of New Orleans updates: we got about 18,000 people out of the city in a couple of days, which was pretty damned impressive. They have reopened the city now, but the people we evacuated on buses, trains, and planes are still out of town. They are letting residents that left on their own return, but essential services are at a minimum. It is a very Mad Max world at the moment. I have been crashing in the waiting room at the hospital my wife works at, because they have air conditioning and hot showers. Comfort at all costs, I say. Thankfully, this was not Gulf Wars Episode II: Katrina Strikes Back. We thought it was going to be an apocalyptic scenario two days before. All the business about the mayor exaggerating is a bunch of bullsh-t. I stood in the briefing where we all learned that it was going to be a monster storm and that the city would flood again (particularly the area where I live). We got really lucky, because it weakened. This could've been a lot worse. Right now, I am in the Emergency Operations Center, grabbing the phone and answering questions -- mostly from citizens wanting to know when they can return (now) and whether or not the power is on in their neighborhood (probably not, but I wouldn't know anyway). Regardless, I don't think I'll be getting my comics this week. I'll post here with anything important, but Ben might have to grab the column again next week, just depending. All the best, K

Comicscape: Waiting for the Trade: What Will Happen to Monthly Comics? (Article) - 8/13/2008 8:32:47 AM

Oh, for God's sake:) This whole business with people wanting me to sign stuff for them is still kind of alien to me. Obviously, there have been a couple of signings, but that's just because that's kind of what you do in person when you sell books(I guess). Anyway, that copy probably came from the Seraphemera website, which means that it came from my publisher's stock. If you want, send me a Myspace message and I will give you my address. Mail me the book and I'll sign it and mail it back. I hope you dug it, man. Best, K

Comicscape: Delving into Dead Souls (Article) - 7/16/2008 9:48:39 PM

Thanks, man. Hoo-rah. It's always good to see fellow Marines around here. I had the least exciting Marine Corps career ever, but I always had good pro and cons and I never got NJP'd so I guess that's something. I made Corporal the day I got out. I've been hammering away at this comic for what seems like forever. I just hope that some people actually buy and read it now!!! Thanks again for your kind words. K

Comicscape: Delving into Dead Souls (Article) - 7/16/2008 2:04:19 PM

Hey guys, Kurt here. Thanks for the kind words (thus far). I hope everyone checks out the comic. This has been a very expensive labor of love. But, it's almost done now, and I'll have a comic. That's all that matters.

Comicscape: Delving into Dead Souls (Article) - 7/16/2008 1:48:55 PM

Hey guys, Kurt here. Thanks for the kind words (thus far). I hope everyone checks out the comic. This has been a very expensive labor of love. But, it's almost done now, and I'll have a comic. That's all that matters.

Comicscape: Five Reasons Why Comics Are Better Than Movies (Article) - 7/10/2008 3:23:36 PM

Hey guys, Kurt here. Here we go. Celt6 -- No, seriously, I liked Indy 4. I despised Phantom Menace, and I only kind of liked Attack of the Clones. Ep III was fine. I don't know how long you've read this column, but these guys will tell you that I'm pretty up front when I don't like something. I was prepared to dislike Indy 4. I had problems with it, but I think it managed to achieve a place of its own as a piece of Cold War sci-fi pulp. I'd probably rank it above Temple of Doom, but below Raiders and Last Crusade. Sorry, but I dug it. Everyone else -- yes, comics and movies are different. The idea of this column was to act like a jackass, while making some salient points about the differences between the mediums. Comics have a lot over movies, but they really achieve different things. In some ways, it's like complaining about a theatrical production for its total lack of ballet. I wanted to get a couple of laughs while deconstructing the comics medium a bit. I hope I succeeded. K

Unspecified Title (Article) - 6/23/2008 12:34:35 PM

Funny -- that's what your mum said when she wore the nun outfit for me.<BR itxtvisited="1" />K


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