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'Deadworld' among projects for new shingle, Framelight

    September 15, 2008
Source: www.hollywoodreporter.com

In an interesting twist on the ever-growing market of comics-based movies, a new production shingle has emerged that is not only focused on comics-to-film, but is partnering with the creators of the comics who will co-producer the movies.

Framelight Productions is the new launch by producer Jeffrey Erb and entrepreneur Robert Robinson Jr. A write up in The Hollywood Reporter indicates their initial slate of movies will include Gary Reed's 'Deadworld', Zenescope's 'Sins of the Fallen' and '1001 Arabian Knights' and a little-known Larry Hama comic called 'Dr. Deth with Kip and Muffy'.

"We don't want to traditionally option a title; we want to partner with the creator on every aspect of the production," Robinson told The Hollywood Reporter.

"We weren't the only producers wanting to make movies based on these creators' babies, but we were the only ones inviting them in as co-producers," added Erb.

'Deadworld', originally published by Reed's Caliber Comics, a standard-bearer of the 1990s indie comics scene is currently available through Desperado Publishing. Featuring a world descended into nightmare and a Harley-riding ghould named King Zombie, the book was well ahead of the current zombie-comics craze.

'Sins of the Fallen', published by Zenescope, is based on the premise that history's greatest evildoers are actually escaped fallen angels, bent on releasing their brothers from Hell. '1001 Arabian Knights' is a colorful retelling of the classic myths.

'Dr. Deth with Kip and Muffy' is being billed as a Marvel Comic. Indeed the series ran in the 'Bizzare Adventures' anthology of the early 1980s. It featured ultraviolent  mutant-killers in a Peanuts-esque style strip created by Larry Hama and Bob Camp.

Framelight aims to produce six to eight films during the next five years in the $20 million-$80 million range. The studio is also scouting video game and toy properties for development.


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