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Death: the High Cost of Striking

    November 06, 2007

Neil Gaiman is gearing up for his directing debut, filming the adaptation of his much-loved DC/Vertigo comic 'Death: The High Cost of Living'. However, Gaiman told CHUD that the effort is currently sidelined by the WGA strike.

While Gaiman had previously written a script for the film, he's been working closely with producer Guillermo del Toro and wants to take another pass at the screenplay, incorporating what he's learned from the Oscar-nominated partner.

"I was looking forward to rolling up my sleeves post-Guillermo, but I realized one of the things about the draft is that it has some scenes I don't want to shoot. And I thought, 'I should fix that. I should rewrite them into scenes I want to shoot. And I can.'," Gaiman explained.

" would watch the way Guillermo would tailor material towards himself as a director, and it was like how I would tailor things for an artist. I would give them things they like to draw and they're good at drawing, and that will make you look good. I thought I should actually do that with this script and me as a director, which I wasn't doing.

"I was writing it for a hypothetical director, and now I need to do a me as director draft. That's really the next thing that has to happen. But that's just personally. We'll see. There are lots of things happening on Death, but they all seem to be contingent on each other and there's nothing I would feel comfortable talking about for fear of jinxing everything."


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