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The DeBoer Zone

THE DEAD ZONE star and former Trill, Nicole deBoer discusses what it's like to act in the varied universes of Stephen King and TREK and wonders why there still isn't a Dax action figure

By Scott Collura     August 07, 2002

You wouldn't expect the lead actress of a Stephen King-based project to call upon the Mafioso-themed THE SOPRANOS for inspiration, but then again, Nicole deBoer isn't your ordinary, run-of-the-mill TV performer.

"Being a television actress, I love Edie Falco," explains deBoer, co-star of the USA Network's hit series THE DEAD ZONE. "Because it's a wife. She's playing a wife part and [ordinarily] you're [just] watching the husband who is the mob guy. 'Isn't it exciting to watch the mob guy?' But because she's such a fabulous actor you're very interested in [her]. 'Ooooh, what's it like to be the wife of the mob guy?' And she plays it so well. So I sort of look to her. I think she's amazing."

DeBoer feels a kinship with Falco's character because she too is taking on the "wife" role these days. Appearing alongside DEAD ZONE star Anthony Michael Hall, deBoer plays Sarah Bracknell, the woman Hall's character Johnny Smith was going to marry before a nearly fatal accident consigned him to a coma for six years. When Johnny miraculously awakens, he finds that his life has been turned upside-down. Not only does he now possess the strange gift of second sight he can see the future and the past of those he encounters by simply touching them but Sarah has long since married someone else, with whom she is now raising her and Johnny's son. Clearly, just like Falco's Carmela Soprano, deBoer's character is more than just the "wife" or the "girlfriend."


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