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Defenders vs. Avengers

The long awaited showdown between Marvel's greatest heroes debuts in April

By Rob Allstetter     February 06, 2002

Art for THE ORDER, issue three
© Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics has released the cover to THE ORDER #3, by Carlos Pacheco, which pits the Avengers against the Defenders, now known as The Order.

The issue goes on sale on April 10. Here's how Marvel describes the story:

"At the behest of the nations of the world, Earth's Mightiest Heroes head to the Antarctic wastes for a showdown with the totalitarian Order! But do even the mighty Avengers have enough power to get the job done?"

The issue is written by Kurt Busiek and Jo Duffy, with art by Matt Haley and Dan Panosian.

Busiek says the Avengers could be in for a long, long fight.

"Let's face it, these are the Defenders," Busiek says. "They include the Sorcerer Supreme of this plane of reality, a wielder of the Power Cosmic, the monarch of Atlantis who commands the monsters of the seas and the single mightiest creature ever to walk the face of the Earth. They may very well be able to take on any and all opposition, and lay them out flat."


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