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Iridan 6/12/2013 5:45:03 AM

I think it was the best episode so far. I could do without the love triangle (or might it be quad) but I hope it pays off.

I'm not sure why you give the episode such high praise but then it's a B .

redhairs99 6/12/2013 7:45:56 AM

Maybe I'm just being naive but it seems odd to me that they seemed to have dropped the Kenya/Nolan relationship in favor of the Kenya/Datak/Stahma angle.  Of course they could always turn this into a quad-angle romance plot, but Kenya's latching onto Stahma seems out of place given her feelings for Nolan.  I guess we shall see how this all plays out.

I'm glad they have seemly wrapped up this story for the McClintock character.  I didn't find the actor quite as annoying as I did on SG: Universe, of course, I really despised that show overall, but in particular this actor's character in it.  

I can't say that I didn't see that little bit coming at the end with him returning to his long-lost love.  They ended the scene in the caves in a way where we didn't see him jump, so I just assumed that he didn't die and wondered if anyone would ask the question of Rafe "So you're the only one who knows for sure?"  Thankfully they actually had Nolan address it.  Most shows would just let it go with no acknowledgement by other characters.

Iridan 6/12/2013 8:14:35 AM

Yeah, that ending was a little too sappy for me, but I felt it was a strong episode.

redvector 6/12/2013 12:52:00 PM

I'm glad I'm not the only one who didn't like Stargate: Universe. Why create a new Stargate show when they'd canceled Atlantis with no resolution to the storyline? 

redhairs99 6/12/2013 1:24:56 PM

Well, as with Deadwood, we, the fans, were promised a series of direct to DVD movies, which never came to fruition.   I watched the entire run of Universe but it was utterly terrible and not Stargate at all.  I may stop there before I tread into trolling territory ala a former poster that was mentioned on another thread recently that involved how new BSG was only BSG in name only and how great the original BSG was.  

redvector 6/12/2013 1:51:10 PM

It's funny that you mention Deadwood that's the vibe that I get from Defiance. Both towns have a resource that everyone wants. Deadwood had massive amounts of gold and with Defiance it's the golonite. Both town's struggle to maintain their independence in the face of increasingly dictatorial Federal government.

Dazzler 6/13/2013 3:53:55 AM

He was great on Stargate.  I do miss that show.  This was a great ep.  Finally something to remember this series for so far.  I still don't get how the video game is going to effect the show however. 



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