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CyanideRush 4/19/2013 10:50:21 AM

 You caught me DougRed4, I thought better of mentioning the other, since it felt like I was not picking a bit much. But since you asked: the opening felt like it was modelled after early video game questing a bit too much. Full disclosure, I've play so many thousands of hours of video games, that perhaps I see in it things most viewers won't. But a common video game trope is to place place your protagonist in a dangerous position, strip away their things (in this case the roller, supplies, and weapons of Nolan and Irita)- then send them on fetch quests to re-establish themselves (prize fighting), before being elevated in position (at the end of the episode). 

Writing it all out now, perhaps it isn't a weak point at all. hmmm


jdiggitty 4/19/2013 9:31:57 PM

 Reviews on the game have not been kind. Apparently it's only a loose tie-in and NOT in StL. 

It's a really interesting concept to me though. If you could get a quality show, and a quality game with episodic content during the off season, that could really be something that changes things

trollman 4/20/2013 6:54:36 AM

How dose PIECE get established after war?  Or is there room for editorial improvment? sorry but spell check only does so much. the wrong word is still wrong even if it's spelled correctly.

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an amount of work forming a single job: to be paid by the piece and not by the hour.
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Chess, Checkers.
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literacy is just going in the toilet.

CyanideRush 4/20/2013 4:02:26 PM

 Trollman, it's amazing that you just assumed I don't know piece and peace have separate meanings, rather than that I simply missed a mistake. Mistakes happen, sometimes they aren't caught. Don't be so quick to be rude about it; you wouldn't like someone doing the same to you. We're all human, man. None of us are perfect.

rkngl 4/21/2013 1:09:11 AM

I already saw this. Was called Firefly. And Farscape. And Star Trek. And...

I fell asleep in the middle, and not even those big explosions woke me up.

So, it's "sole survivor of Battle of Serenity" against "sole survivor of Battle of Defiance"? My bets go to Serenity.

monkeyfoot 4/22/2013 8:04:16 AM

I finally looked at my recording of the show. I enjoyed it. As you said Chuck it is a mishmash of other ideas blended into a sci-fi setting. I know the set up has been done many times in many ways but it was still enjoyable.

It is essentially a multi-alien Dodge City/Tombstone. With all the multiple aliens, hi & low tech , and interesting personalities it has alot of potential for great stories.Yes, some characters are cliche but given time with the actors and writers it should expand to much more. Plus, it is very accessible to the non-genre fan. I noticed it had great ratings so it will be around for awhile.

Chuck, do you know where this show is shot? The pilot had alot of money on the screen and they must be in some country where they get alot for their money.

I'll have to add it to my DVR. Dammit, its getting crowded with my scheduled shows and the odd program here and there that pops up. I already have Doctor Who, Orphan Black, Survivor (my guilty pleasure), Arrow among others on there. It airs oppposite The Following which I also enjoy but it will end its season in a couple of weeks, so I can free up some space. 

skoora 4/22/2013 2:34:38 PM

 they sure didn't spend any money on the CGI

dalgoda 4/22/2013 3:04:44 PM

My whole family watched the pilot and enjoyed it.  We've got it on the DVR now and will give it a shot.  It has promise so far.

swisshammer 4/23/2013 8:07:18 AM

   See, I heard "If I Didn't Care" and thought immediately of Blade Runner. But instead of seeing it as a stroke of genius, I attributed it to a weak attempt at adding substance. It seemed more like another way they are aping other, more original and successful, sci fi films and tv shows.

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