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Del Rey announces three-book deal with Steven Barnes

Third will be a STAR WARS hardcover

By Chris Wyatt     July 26, 2002

During an exclusive interview with CINESCAPE, Betsy Mitchell, editor-in-chief of Del Rey, the influential science fiction arm of Random House, announced details of a three book deal with Steven Barnes. Barnes is the critically acclaimed author of LION'S BLOOD and the recent thriller CHARISMA.

"Steve and I have signed a very good three book deal. I signed him up to do two pre-histories, which cover life in Africa," says Mitchell.

Pre-histories are, of course, a popular sub-genre of speculative fiction, which speculates about what life may have been like for mankind (and the ancestors of mankind) during eras for which we have no written record.

"These two books are important because a pre-history of Africa has never really been done," continues Mitchell.

Steven Barnes, whose very excited to be working on the project, is one of the only African American male science fiction writers to actively publish over the last 20 years.

"I want to devote time to building bridges of understanding between us, modern man, and the trials that our prehistoric ancestors went through," explains the actor. "This subject is literally fascinating for me!"

The third book of Barnes three-book Del Rey deal will be a STAR WARS hardcover novel. It's a boon to the STAR WARS novel franchise to have an author of such critical magnitude contributing.

"I have long admired the world that Lucas created, and I have some great ideas that I can't wait to explore for this novel," says Barnes.

Tight wraps are in place on all specific plot details.

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