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Del Toro Talks About Hellboy

By Rob M. Worley     February 22, 2002

Blade 2Director Guillermo del Toro recently sat down with SCIFI Wire and talked about his long in development comic adaptation Hellboy.

The director isstill keen to bring Mike Mignola's demonic hero to big-screen life. However, hemade some interesting comments about last year's casting buzz, which had VinDiesel as a real contender for the title role.

In spite ofDiesel's rising star, Del Toro said that he wants Ron Perlman for the role"or nobody."

"We havetoyed with other ideas, which were good, like Vin Diesel, but the whole projectwas written by me with Ron in mind," del Toro told SCI FI."Undoubtedly I would [get a bigger budget if Diesel were cast], and I thinkVin would be a great alternative. I think Vin was also born to play Hellboy, butwhen I first met [Hellboy creator] Mike Mignola, we looked at each othersuspiciously across the table, and we said, 'There's only one actor who can playHellboy.' I said, 'I don't want to give up on the idea,' and Mike said, 'Neitherdo I.' We said, 'Let's say it together.' And it was, 'One, two, three, RonPerlman.' So I think Ron is the guy. I'd rather not do the movie than do itwrong."

Del Toro said heis adamant to see that a movie version of Mignola's vision be "exactly thecomic book."


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