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Del Toro talks BLADE 2

BLADE 2 is nearly the movie he wanted it to be

By Christopher Allan Smith     January 28, 2002
Source: Cinescape Magazine

Guillermo Del Toro, director of THE DEVIL'S BACKBONE
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In an exclusive interview featured in this month's CINESCAPE magazine, Guillermo Del Toro discusses the hotly anticipated BLADE 2, and why he could never direct a SUPERMAN movie.

In talking about both BLADE 2 and his winter release, THE DEVIL'S BACKBONE, Del Toro says, "[BACKBONE] is exactly the way I was hoping it would be when. With BLADE 2, I'm almost as happy with the results. We'll see after the MPAA [which may request cuts to avoid an NC-17] but right now [they] resemble very much what I set out to do."

Despite the high hopes for his comic book excursion with BLADE, Del Toro showed a surprising reluctance toward directing a film with a more traditional hero.

"I could never do a SUPERMAN movie," Del Toro says. "He's too clean cut. I like heroes who are freaks."

For the full story, pick up the February CINESCAPE at a magazine stand near you. Pretty please.


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