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Department of Defense to use ROGUE SPEAR

Tom Clancy's game is that real

By James Stevenson     August 29, 2001
Source: Ubi Soft

Ubi Soft announced today that it has licensed the engine to author Tom Clancy's ROGUE SPEAR to the United States Department of Defense.

The government has contracted a developer to tweak the game to its needs. It will be used not for weapons training, but rather to teach soldiers how to make quick decisions.

"We need to train the elements of the small unit on how to prepare for a mission, how to work as a team during mission execution, and how to conduct after action debriefs, and this engine will let us do that and more," says Michael S. Bradshaw, systems division manager of LB&B Associates, the firm responsible for the game's tweaking.

This could open a whole new can of worms when it comes to the violence in videogames issue. We wonder how long will it be before Senator Lieberman bites onto this little news bit?


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