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monkeyfoot 1/14/2014 12:40:29 PM

Ok fine I agree with you too, Violater! :-)

ElBaz13 1/14/2014 12:51:48 PM

Yes but I said it better violator.


CaptAmerica04 1/14/2014 1:11:26 PM

Depp makes EVERY role quirky.  I feel like we would just see Captain Jack Sparrow wielding the Eye of Agamotto.  I'd rather see someone new, or at least someone a little less famous for the role.

hanso 1/14/2014 1:26:42 PM

Depp and Strange go together like a pipi inside a who-haa!

Wiseguy 1/14/2014 1:52:34 PM

I don't hate the idea but he wouldn't be my top or first choice but it was said before that Marvel wanted someone else to carry the franchise ala RDJ carrying them to this point.

I would've went with Jon Hamm and he's a lot cheaper too unless Depp is lowering his fee after his last couple of bombs

axia777 1/14/2014 2:25:55 PM

People, it is obvious. Disney and Marvel are bringing Depp because he is so damned famous. Doc Strange is even less known than Iron Man. Who would go see a Doc Strange film outside of us comic geeks? None that is who. Depp brings the name and the fame which brings in the people which in turn brings in the $$$$$$$.

That is if this rumor is even true.


noahbody 1/14/2014 2:26:40 PM

 No thanks. Get some one else Depp will take over the project... Want Dr. S to have some stupid quirk, not the Marvel way.

violator14 1/14/2014 3:58:45 PM

  I really liked the style of that nic cage movie "Sorcerer's apprentice". I really thought, "Oh man, this is how Dr. Strange should be made"

reek 1/14/2014 5:03:38 PM

 @samson, reading my mind dude.  Not sure if Marvel will pony up though since they already have to plate RDJ in platinum every couple years.

Modo 1/14/2014 5:50:56 PM

This definitely sounds like a role Depp would want, and get him in on the big Marvel craze, legacy, and money...just hope he doesn't do a creepy Willy Wonka-style take on Strange.   

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