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Destination: E3

James is getting ready for his trip to L.A.

By James Stevenson     April 18, 2003

I just filed my taxes, and it is never a pleasant thing to have to cut the government a check. But I always get excited around tax season, right after sending off the paperwork, videogame companies start to call they want to schedule meetings for the Mecca of the videogame world, E3. It's weird for me to think that E3 is only a month away, but there are already quite a few things I'm looking forward to.

First and foremost are the new games. I'm really looking forward to playing Nintendo's lineup as always and Sony has quite a stellar lineup (that I can't even fully discuss!!). Sega will have some tricks up their sleeves as always, and Microsoft will roll out HALO

The Master Chief stands ready in this screenshot from HALO 2

2. Should be a lot of great games this year at the show and getting to play them is a great treat.

The second thing that's always a blast is the parties. E3 parties are quite the spectacle, great food, great music, and it's a good chance to catch up with everyone in the industry that you haven't gotten the chance to talk to in a while. Ultimately I'm really looking forward to what Microsoft and Sony have up their sleeves for this year's galas.

The third most important aspect is free stuff. There are tons of t-shirts, toys, and memorabilia that abounds. The best swag to get is the press conference bags unfortunately, I won't be able to attend the press conferences this year (due to a previous commitment), but I have a buddy who is going to pick up the bags for me (right now I use my Nintendo GameCube messenger bag to haul my books around campus).

Lastly, I'm looking forward to the break. Most journalists won't ever say that about E3, but I'm going in for a quick 2 ½ day hop, so I won't be spending the whole week in L.A. as usual, just enough time to meet with the people I need to and check out the new games. Considering I've been spending the past few weeks (and next three) working my ass off for school, it'll be a welcome break.

We'll be posting lots of E3 coverage in the days after the show, so look forward to that!


Midway has announced a new post-apocalyptic car game called ROADKILL... Nintendo is starting a new internal development house to be based out of Tokyo... Namco has requested a re-opening of merger talks with Sega... MISTER MOSQUITO 2 has been announced... Sony Computer Entertainment has withdrawn it's trademark request for the military term "Shock and Awe"... Nintendo is developing a new EARTHBOUND game for the Game Boy Advance...


Pitiful week for new releases although STAR WARS fans could pick


up THE CLONE WARS for the Xbox. COLIN MCRAE RALLY 3 might suit the bill for PlayStation 2 racing fans and METAL SLUG 3 will also hit the PS2. If you haven't picked up goodies like THE WIND WAKER, or AMPLITUDE, this might be the week to do that.

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