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the Devil Within (aka: Tenshi no Naka ni Akuma Ari) Vol. #02

By Gary Thompson     February 20, 2008
Release Date: February 01, 2008

the Devil Within (aka: Tenshi no Naka ni Akuma Ari) Vol.#02
© Go! Comi

Creative Talent
Writer/Artist:Ryo Takagi
Translated by:Christine Schilling
Adapted by:Brynne Chandler

What They Say
As the countdown to choosing a husband draws near, Rion gets to know the trio better - but not voluntarily! Their alternate forms threaten to take her by force, but she's still ardently devoted to her extremely young love, Tenshi. And if the perplexed Tenshi doesn't figure out his feelings for her, it could mean the end of them all!

The Review
Tenshi has suddenly grown big! Of course, this is distressing to Rion, who loves her Tenshi shota, but now that he's large he can protect Rion from Koki's aggressive advances. When he's not trying to put the moves on her himself, that is. It seems that Rion really is the cure of Tenshi's condition. Not only that, but Rion is told of the true nature of why everyone wants to have sex with her. It turns out that Rion was injected with devil DNA when she was six, and similarly, the three boys where injected with angel DNA. All of these years, because of this process, a second personality has been forming in all of them, and if they don't neutralize the foreign DNA before they turn 16, their second personalities will take over and become permanent. And of course, what better way is there to neutralize this DNA than by mixing a little angel with a little devil?

With this knowledge in place, Rion tries to think of other ways to counteract the DNA, and in doing so, she encounters each of her fiancées and their dark sides. While this is happening, Tenshi starts regaining his memories and realizes that it was Rion's father, Satan, that cursed him with a child's body and erased his memory. Rion goes to demand that Satan give Tenshi back his body and his memory. Satan agrees, but he has one condition: she has to prove her commitment to marry by choosing a fiancée and having sex with him. And this time, since Tenshi's livelihood is on the line, Rion is inclined to go through with it.

Keeping in step with the first, this volume is jam-packed with activity as most of the above happens in the first ten pages or so, and all of it happens before the first half. As for the actual story, it's pretty much the same thing as the first volume. So if you were OK with the first one, feel safe in knowing that the second and final installment in this series is pretty much the same. However, do not expect to feel satisfied by the ending. Two volumes is clearly not enough space to have properly done this story. The resolution suffers because of this, for it seems that keeping this story down to a short length was more important than giving the plot somewhere to go. The biggest problem here is that Takagi has made an irreconcilable situation where nothing can truly end up in a satisfying way. Because of this, this volume doesn't really feel like it solves anything, rather, it sums everything up and simply stops. There are steps taken to make the plot advance towards a conclusion, sure, but closure is thwarted and there are about a million loose ends. Of course, this is only meant to be light fair, so if you enjoy the activity and the ups and downs within the story, then that's fine. But if you were really expecting this to go somewhere as well as give you all the ups and downs and whatnot, then you will be sorely disappointed.


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