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Devil's Due options "DemonWars"

By Karl Schneider     November 06, 2006
Source: Hollywood Reporter

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Devil's Due Publishing has optioned film, television and merchandising rights to R.A. Salvatore's fantasy novel DemonWars.

The stories take place in the world of Corona, a realm of magic and fantasy where organized religion controls society.  Eight novels of the series have been published thus far.

"It does have these fantastical elements like monsters and goblins, but it also has this world where everything revolves around these gemstones that are controlled by a religious order," Devil's Due president Josh Blaylock said. "It has more going on to it than the usual standard fare, and Salvatore has been able to tell fantastical stories or very grounded stories all set in the same world. It's like 'Da Vinci Code' with a more fantastical feel."

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mckracken 11/6/2006 2:39:05 AM
Demon action figures for Christmas! WHOO HOO babee!!! :o)
madmanic999 11/6/2006 6:50:18 AM
haven't heard of this one but sounds pretty decent. The story talks a lot about magic, goblins religious orders and gems, where do the demons come in?... anyone familiar.
Captmathman 11/6/2006 7:20:43 AM
The hook with "Da Vinci Code" was the Grail legend, and facts/rumors about art treasures that exist in the real world and were familiar to at least some of the audience. I don't think the story was strong enough to hold up on it's own. If this relates to Da Vinci in this same way (i.e., to legends and objects in this fantasy world), I think that may well serve to confuse the audience, even if the story is solid.
thelastonelives 11/6/2006 7:43:13 AM
Sounds like the Final Fantasy games on the big screen.
thelastonelives 11/6/2006 7:43:33 AM
Sounds like the Final Fantasy games on the big screen.
Waylander 11/6/2006 9:53:22 PM
I've read all the books in this series including the most recent "The Highwayman". All are a good read with interesting characters that span 2 or 3 generations. To me it actually has more in common with Lord of the Rings than the Da Vinci Code. In the story "The Demon" (there is only one demon in the book - first book is called the Demon Awakens) reawakens because of the evil in men's hearts and spurs the goblins and powries (evil dwarfs) to attack the human cities. The story centres on Elbryan Wynden who is taken in by the elves at a young age when his village is overtaken and slaughtered by goblins. The Elves train him to be a Ranger. The Church plays a central role as it becomes corrupt due to some evil monks within it. Gemstones are a new twist to magic in that by focusing your mind on them (as the monks do) one can produce different effects (such as lightning bolts, healing, astral projection, etc) with different stones. One monk rebels against the Church and helps Elbryan. The most interesting evil character is not the Demon but an evil monk named De'Unnero who is a martial arts powerhouse and later absorbs one of the gemstones to shapeshift into a huge tiger. Hope this helps to give a better idea on the books. If only they would option film rights to some of David Gemmells books I would be happy.
Wolfbane 11/9/2006 3:32:13 AM
Thanks Waylander. Now I am intrigued. I look forward to seeing the trailers for this one.
todd890 11/29/2006 10:23:11 AM
Sounds interesting to me, I would watch but on another note what about his other books. They are just as good, it shouldn't just stop at the demon world saga.


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