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  • Episode: Hide (Season 7, Episode 10)
  • Starring: Matt Smith, Jenna-Louise Coleman, Dougray Scott, Jessica Raine
  • Written By: Neil Cross
  • Directed By: Jamie Payne
  • Network: BBC, BBC America
  • Studio: BBC
  • Series:

Doctor Who: Hide Review


By Kimberly McCall     April 24, 2013

Creepy ghost in a creepy old house. Is any Doctor Who story really that simple? This week’s “Hide,” directed by Neil Cross, is a lovely brew of ghost story fun, time travel phenomenon, and monster love...literally.

“Hide” opens in the 1970’s with Professor  Alec Palmer (Dougray Scott) and his assistant, Emma (Jessica Raine) examining supernatural happenings in an old English mansion. While Palmer is in charge of the scenery, Emma serves as sort of an a feelings psychic who is able to connect with spirits on an emotional level. The mansion’s famous “ghost” is a screaming woman who appears, in a number of photographs, to be running for her life.

Enter the Doctor (Matt Smith) and Clara (Jenna-Louise Coleman). After some scary poking around in the dark (and a quick trip to the beginning and end of Earth), the Timelord has figured out that the “ghost” is merely a lost time traveler stuck in a “pocket universe.” What continues to be frightening is the unclear picture of the monster she is running from, not to mention the Tardis would never survive a rescue trip into a pocket universe. So, using Emma’s abilities to create a type of wormhole, the Doctor slips into the forest-like abyss to rescue Hila, the lost time traveler. In a scene which seems directly out of “Poltergeist,” Hila makes it through the wormhole leaving the Doctor trapped.

Once again, Clara decides to take matters into her own hands by trying to convince the Tardis to enter the pocket universe, despite the danger, and save the Doctor. However, the blue box is continually grumpy with the new companion. In true Tinkerbell fashion, it is almost acting like a jealous woman. Sill, the Tardis finally submits to letting Clara take the helm. Am I wrong in speculating that Clara’s mystery might have something to do with the Tardis? It seems to know her already...

So, of course, the Doctor makes it back and saves the day for both the time traveler AND the monster chasing her. After all, it has to have a reason for trying to cling to a time traveler, right? That all too sweet surprise shouldn’t be revealed. Speaking of mystery, Emma informs the Doctor that her perception of Clara reveals nothing more than an ordinary girl. Color us all even more bloody curious. “Hide” ends on a completely different note from how it began...and leaves all “Who” fans happy and wanting more. Always more.


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lusiphur 4/24/2013 6:18:28 AM

 I really enjoyed this episode, but it seemed off-kilter somehow.  I'm not sure why I feel that way.  It seemed like not a lot happened in the hour we were given.  I felt that same way about Rings of Akhaten too.  I'm of the mind that the first half of the second half of this season has all been leading up to Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS.  

RobertTrate 4/24/2013 7:50:36 AM

 It feels like Clara development time to me. The episodes are fine but matter very little in the overall arch, outside of their relationship. 

lusiphur 4/24/2013 8:26:09 AM

 I'm hoping after Journey, the stories get a bit ... "meatier".

EyeofHarmony 4/24/2013 8:34:38 PM

Is it just me or did this episode have the feel of being a pilot for a Doctor Who spinoff?  
The adventures of a heroic professor, his psychic companion and thier time traveling decendent from the future.




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