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Dexter: Argentina Review

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  • Episode: Argentina (Season 7, Episode 8)
  • Starring: Michael C. Hall, Jennifer Carpenter and Desmond Harrington
  • Written By: James Manos Jr. (developer), Jeff Lindsay (novel)
  • Directed By: Romeo Tirone
  • Network: Showtime
  • Series:

Dexter: Argentina Review

Season 7, Episode 8

By Jarrett Kruse     November 20, 2012

In last week’s pivotal moment, Kid sis Deb had her heart set on Dexter acting as her personal avenging angel and gave him a Corleone-type order (more permission) to take out Hannah McKay. Naturally Deb did not realize that Dex did plan an elaborate kill for Hannah but wound up boinking her instead. And that carries over to this week’s episode as  a key theme leaving Deb more upset than I expected when Dexter did not acquiesce to her requests. In fact, Deb was so upset with Dexter upon finding out his new upgraded relationship status with Hannah that she told him her big secret—that she’s kind of in love with him herself. It was as awkward a moment as you can expect from the emotionally stunted Morgan kids and Deb manages to make it stick with an incestuous “ick” factor. Dexter as always stores this type of information deep down in the recesses of his brain that can process these types of things. Without making her feel that embarrassed he does what he does best and walks away.
The Kiev Connection is looming with Boss Isaak Sirko still in Miami wanting revenge for his dead lover Victor. Although the Ukrainian’s do not know Isaak’s big secret of who really was to him, they try and distance themselves from the situation by sending in their own man to take out the deposed boss. In a funny scene (for DEXTER I mean), a rival assassin is lurking around Isaak’s apartment just as Dex shows up to off him as well. Halfsies on the kill of Isaak are not agreed upon and the assassin is taken out with a fast and furious slice of the carotid by Dexter’s experienced hand. Ironically Dexter is called in to investigate the very murder that he just committed and it is in scenes like this that Michael C. Hall is at his detached best. While Dexter and Isaak seemingly make peace near the end of the episode in a HEAT-like sitdown in a Miami gay bar, the trailer for the remaining episodes show that Isaak is not just going to leave Miami without a fight.

It was pleasant to see Dexter’s kids return for an episode and see their developmental growth since they left Miami. I always find it interesting the way Dexter can turn the switch on and off with such precision; how he can separate his lives with such fastidious compartmentalization. In the shadows, Captain LaGuerta is putting the pieces together that are slowly tracing Dexter to having a major role in the Bay Harbor Butcher case. But even the seasoned cop that has always had a soft spot for Dexter does not seem to believe what she is finding about her favorite blood spatter analyst. Could she have been so blind? I do not like her odds of getting out of this whole thing alive. The death pool for the remainder of the series for me starts with the easy to kill off Quinn to the “will she survive” LaGuerta. As far as Dexter’s relationship with Hannah, it seems to be one of mutual admiration and one that suits his lifestyle. Although there is a large line of bodies lined up from his previous long-term relationships, this is one girl that he does not have to hide a single thing from. And if it does not work out, his sister is technically not blood-related. No, I take that back. That’s too freaky… 


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Noovtere 11/20/2012 2:32:26 AM

This was the best episode of the season so far.  The conversation between Isaak and Dexter in particular.  We've had a serial killer kill Dexter's wife.  What if Dexter killed another serial killer's wife?  We're going to see.

redhairs99 11/20/2012 7:58:18 AM

 Very good solid episode.  I'm glad they finally had Deb announce her creepy/freaky feelings toward Dexter.  Hopefully, we can do completely away with those disturbing thoughts that Deb's been having toward her (technically not blood related) brother.

The conversation between Dex and Issac was excellent, though I did see the gay reveal coming.  

As for who gonna die, I think it's a safe bet that Quinn is going to get taken out in a mob hit.  As for LaGuerta, she's going to die too (maybe they'll save that for next year, I don't know) and my bet is that Dexter will somehow manage to tie her into being Doke's accompliance as the Bay Harbor Butcher.

isgrimner 11/20/2012 8:45:30 AM

For some reason I was thinking this was the final season of Dexter, is that not the case?  If its not the final season, then I have to rethink things.  In the end I think everyone is fair game for death, but until then I think LaGuerta will live, Quinn is on the path to being worm food though. 

ripum853 11/20/2012 8:50:56 AM

Quinn looked like he'd be six feet under for a few seasons already, so it wouldn't surprise me if he manages to escape this season as well...although I'd prefer him dead to be honest.


Love all the Dex and Isaak scenes.  He's up there with ITK and Trinity for me with Dexter's Rogue Gallery.

redhairs99 11/20/2012 11:30:28 AM

 isgrimner, last year they confirmed that the show would have this 7th season and an 8th.  I have read more recently though that the producers are open to continuing beyond season 8.

wish 11/20/2012 3:59:17 PM

This show is currently scheduled to end next year with the conclusion of Season 8, this current season is designed to set up the story arc that will spread over both seasons and wrap it all up nicely.  I don't think it'll go beyond 8.  But I won't stop watching if it does keep going!

Not to sound like a "called it weeks ago" know -it-all, but the look on Isaac's face when they realized where Victor's tracker signal ended (middle of harbour) and what it meant (he dead yo) was what got me thinking they were lovers, and TV today knows no boundries when it comes to sexual relationships, gay is the new straight so why not?  Only love could put a guy on such a war path of self-destruction that Isaac is on, and now he has nothing to lose, his own people want him dead, no more get out of jail cards for him.

This show is awesome, gets more popular with each season and I think it could easily go beyond 8 seasons, but I kinda hope it doesn't, all great stories have ends.  Speaking of.........definitely Laguerta is fuct, and she derserves it for this ridiculous crusade, what the hell was Dokes to her?  A cop gets killed in a senseless and obviously faked outcome at the beginning of the season and she couldn't care less about him?  But an asshole cop from 6 years ago all of a sudden gets priority just cuz a bloodslide shows up?  Quinn I think will survive, I like him but if he gets offed I won't lose sleep, he's a dirty cop, which I would be too but it makes him less likable.  I wouldn't rule out Deb dying this season, at this point anyone is at risk, we all know Dexter won't die, at least not until the series ends next year, or maybe not at all, but anyone else is fair game, even Harrison and the other kids.  How do you top Rita's shocking end?  Is that what they are out to do over these 2 final seasons?  You can bet that nobody on this show wants anyone to think it peaked in season 4 when they have this much lead-time to craft a wickedly dark ending!

Here's hoping!!

isgrimner 11/21/2012 7:20:30 AM

I think the only thing that would shock me more than Rita's death would be if they transitioned Deb into a serial killer or at least a vigelante killer.   She's on an emotional edge right now, maybe she loses her marbles and kills Hannah in a rage. 

I don't see Dexter killing LaGuerta as its against his code but I could see Hannah killing her to "protect" Dexter.  I would think LaGuerta would make it to the final season though.

In the end, I wouldn't expect to see a so called "happy "ending for Dexter.  Either he goes to prison or gets killed himself somehow.  

I suppose I'm pulling for Angel to make it to the end, I think he is a one of the better characters and the only blemish you could really pin on him if  recall correctly was his involvement with prostitutes.   Though I can see him getting F'ed if/when Quinn gets caught and that $10,000 Quinn loaned him comes to light.  Even though Angel didn't know the origin, hel'll probaly get screwed on it. 

redhairs99 11/21/2012 7:35:25 AM

 Wish, i haven't watched the early seasons in a while, but if my memory serves, LaGuerta had a thing for Dokes.  I think they were at the very least partners on the force and likely parnters at outside the force as well.  That's why she cares.  That's why he's trying to clear the names of her long dead love.



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