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Dexter: Buck the System Review

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  • Episode: Buck the System
  • Starring: Michael C. Hall, Jennifer Carpenter, Desmond Harrington, C.S. Lee, Lauren Vélez, David Zayas, James Remar
  • Written By: Jace Richdale
  • Directed By: Stefan Schwartz
  • Network: Showtime
  • Series:

Dexter: Buck the System Review

Episode 3, Season 7

By Jarrett Kruse     October 15, 2012

The pace has definitely slowed a bit in episode 3 of DEXTER Season 7 entitled “Buck the System.” Metaphorically I think that the title of the episode is perfectly named in that now that we have settled into the fact that Deb knows the truth and we are forced to examine how this will affect Dexter. Deb is doing her best to control Dexter’s behavior and movements, even going so far as to regulate his living situation. He has moved in to her residence at her request. He is following her rules. He is going out of his effin’ mind because of these restrictions! Like Dex says in his voice-over about Deb’s overzealous guardianship over him at the post office: “she’s got me penned in like a caged animal. And an animal is never more dangerous than when it is backed into a corner.” 
Even when being controlled, Dex is still a master of manipulation. In a quick stroke of wits, he orchestrates the firing of Lewis from Miami Metro throwing the tech-game design geek into a fit of rage and revenge. After the Ukranian’s track down their missing GPS bracelet from the hitman that Dex killed down to the marina, they catch the now-fired and pissed Lewis onboard the SLICE OF LIFE w/ machinations to sink Dex’s disposal pleasure vessel. Wrong place wrong time for Lewis and he is taken out with a double tap from the Ukranian mob. Annnd scene—end of Lewis’ storyline.
Needing to quench his desire to satisfy his Dark Passenger, Dex looks into a gym rat ex-con who has gotten off too many times by the justice system. Per their agreement, he brings the information of this killer to Deb who insists that hunting and killing the perp is illegal and against the law. But it is when Deb finds that Dex is dead on in his profile of the perp that Deb’s moral compass starts to wane. Dex was right, the violent sex offender named Speltzer WAS preparing to attack again and did leaving another body in his wake. For some reason the movie MINORITY REPORT popped into my head during the scene in the bar where Dex has been vetting the con and trying to convince Deb to take him out proper BEFORE he does it his way. Like in MINORITY REPORT, how can you act on or arrest without proof if a crime has not been committed YET? Well they did not have DEXTER in the future—he knows his passenger and is rarely wrong. When Deb descends on the scene to see that the con indeed engaged in another violent slaying that Dex predicted; a seismic shift on what little sis finds as acceptable law enforcement is beginning to take shape. 
By episodes end, Dexter has been liberated from living at Deb’s house. He has his freedom again, his security blanket that he has been without since being witnessed killing DDK. Lt. Deb’s outlook is changing; it is there in her eyes as the noose of her stressful job tightens. Ingénue Hannah McKay (CHUCK’s Yvonne Strahovski ) is introduced as the girlfriend of dead con-Wayne Randall that offed himself at the end of Episode 2. Baptista and Dex are dispatched to see if the now deceased Randall really did know of any extra bodies buried. Clearly there is a connection between Dexter and Hannah; a spark that is sure to begin to take shape as the season progresses. More importantly Deb admits to Dex that he was right and that she should have let him do things his way to catch the now on the run Speltzer. Perhaps Dexter will soon have a sidekick in addition to a sister.



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Kensai331 10/15/2012 9:02:58 PM

 I use to get so excited on sunday nights thanks to this show. But these days, with The Walking Dead, Boardwalk Empire and Homeland.....Dexter comes in last on my list when it comes to my DVR. 

ripum853 10/16/2012 1:22:46 PM

I'm less excited by Dexter these days as well; one thing this season has going for it so far though is Ray Stephenson as Issak...He's been pretty damn cool so far.  Plus the new dynamic between Deb and Dex has been awesomen since she found out; so the show's looking up again finally, at least IMO.



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