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Dexter: The Dark Whatever Review

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  • Episode: The Dark Whatever (Season 7, Episode 10)
  • Starring: Michael C. Hall, Jennifer Carpenter, Desmond Harrington, C.S. Lee, Lauren Vélez, David Zayas, James Remar
  • Written By: Laren Gussis, Jace Richdale, Scott Reynolds
  • Directed By: Michael Lehmann
  • Network: SHOWTIME
  • Series:

Dexter: The Dark Whatever Review

Season 7, Episode 10

By Jarrett Kruse     December 04, 2012

As much as I dug last week’s episode, this week’s episode just completely kicked ass. It was like I was watching DEXTER for the first time with wide-eyed amusement. It amazes me how a show like this can still pack such a wallop in an hour long drama that teases us with multiple storylines and leaves us hanging with just two episodes left. Whatever missteps the show has taken this season are forgiven now that I am looking at the big picture as we await the payoff in the finale. “The Phantom Arsonist” is still on the loose and at first all eyes of Miami Metro are fixed on arson investigator Phil Bosso (Brett Rickaby). Leaving the note saying “it’s Bobby” at all of the fire sites leaves Miami Metro with barely any trail at who can be setting these gruesome fires with such efficiency. Deb is still swarming over her brother’s relationship with Hannah McKay while LaGuerta and the dishonored Matthews are having clandestine meetings to discuss who the Bay Harbor Butcher really was. Added to this week’s load is a visit from Hannah’s jailbird Dad Clint played with good old boy delight by Jim Beaver. Stack that on top of Quinn’s final showdown with the Ukrainian’s to save his girlfriend Nadia and this episode is an absolute powder keg.
After another brutal fire by TPA, Miami Metro is without a clue as to how to stop the serial arsonist but Dexter smells an inside job. Soon after, he trails Phil Bosso only to find that he is most definitely not the arsonist but just a creepy Civil War reenactment buff. It is a scarily funny moment when for a brief moment you think that Dex has found his man only to see Bosso in his goofy 19th century getup. Soon after one of the most vicious scenes that I have ever seen on a cable show plays out with the real TPA gearing up in a fireproof suit as he sprays passengers on a public bus with flammable material and then sets them on fire. Fortunately for the Miami PD they have caught a break when the young firebug leaves a print on the now crispy bus.
Dexter and Hannah have turned their relationship up another notch and there is something organic that makes me sense that somehow they fit together perfectly. While determined to explain his “Dark Passenger” to Hannah she just does not comprehend Dexter’s rationale for killing. In an interesting conversation with his Dad (the always terrific James Remar), Dexter is made aware that the “Dark Passenger” was not a term given to him by his long gone Dad like the Code of Harry. This puzzles Dexter and for the first time he is really examining himself and seeing that he enjoys what he does and is not blaming his actions on “that part of him.” Hannah’s deadbeat father shows up a changed man but it winds up that he is working her so that he can milk her for twenty large to pay off gambling debts. In a fit of drunken rage, he drives his pickup into Hannah’s greenhouse ruining her business in one fell swoop. Despite Dexter scaring him off he returns and approaches him man to man and lets him know that it was him that was feeding the now dead author Sal Price information about Hannah. As it happens Hannah’s father has information about his little girl from her teenage years when she was in a facility where she poisoned and killed a counselor. However her friend Arlene witnessed it and is ready to talk to Hannah’s dad. In a failed ploy to extort the money from Dexter, Hannah’s dad eventually winds up on the table or in this case the SLICE OF LIFE. Dexter’s first kill as his real self and without his Dark Passenger has finally happened and he has never looked so happy.
After secretly tracking down the identity of TPA and finding out who “Bobby” actually is, Dexter gears up for a kill but then realizes that he cannot do this to Deb. He made a promise to her and for once he is finally keeping it. Deb and the gang take the arsonist alive but she is notably aware that it was a twisted gift from her big bro. Quinn has again made it through another episode alive after saving Nadia from becoming a sex slave in Dubai and winds up killing Ukrainian soldier George (Jason Gedrick) but not before orchestrating an obvious set-up. The worst thing about this is that he involves Angel in the whole charade and I think I speak for everyone in saying that no one wants to see anything bad happen to Batista. Quinn on the other hand has made his own bed. 
LaGuerta and Matthews are at the location of the cabin where the long dead Sgt. Doakes was killed and they learn that the former tenant of the property was a drug-lord whose name the former Captain immediately recognizes. It turns out that the dealer that ran drugs out of the location is the same man whose cadre killed Dexter’s mother when he was three. LaGuerta is convinced that Dexter is their man but Matthews still has his doubts. But if we know anything about LaGuerta it is that she will do anything to advance her career. In a final scene where Hannah and Dexter confess their love to each other, any joy of the moment is swiftly taken away by Deb who is back at the station asking Angel to look up Hannah’s friend Arlene in the system. Hannah’s fathers final was leaving a message for Lieutenant Morgan letting her know the information he had about his baby girls additional kill. Mr. McKay’s insurance policy may take down the woman Dexter now loves. The final two episodes look to be something of a death pool of who will make it to Season 8 and who won’t. My advice for the characters is to stay in the shallow end of the pool where it is easy to get away. Can’t wait… 


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ddiaz28 12/4/2012 8:14:25 AM
Great episode as usual. It does suck to see Dexter and Deb at odds when Deb was so close to "accepting" his compulsion. Now that Dexter has gone and killed Hannah's father to help her, will she take that as a sign that she can help him or their relationship in the same manner. What if she finds out Deb is truly on to her? Might she kill Deb? I think it's a strong possibility. It would suck but storywise it makes sense. If Hannah kills, or even tries to kill Deb, what will Dexter do, kill the woman he now loves? Now that he has come to terms with himself and the Dark Passenger, there is nothing stopping him from just killing outside of the code, and with Laguerta and Matthews on his trail, that would make for a very interesting final season.
redhairs99 12/4/2012 8:28:23 AM

Great episode and so much to wrap up in 2 episodes, though I'm sure plenty will still carryover into the next and presumably final season.

One question from this episode...How did Deb know the TPA was left there by Dexter?  They showed the suit sitting on the washing machine or whatever in the basement, but I don't get how that is a message to Deb. Was it just that it was too easy to have the guy and the suit convinently sitting right there that gave it away? Just a little confused on this point.

Noovtere 12/4/2012 5:05:14 PM

I think Deb is just a good detective and figured out there would only be a tip like that if Dexter left it.

Agree this was the best episode of the season, which is funny cause last week I was thinking they'd killed off Isaak and there was nothing left to do.  Now I'm guessing that, as good a couple as Dexter and Hannah are, they're going to discover that Deb is right, and it doesn't have a future.

ddiaz28 12/5/2012 7:22:36 AM
Well the writers have managed to make Hannah extremely likeable and that is making it really hard to know who to root for. On the one hand I want Dexter to be happy with Hannah and on the other hand I don't want to see Deb be miserable.
blankczech 12/5/2012 2:07:29 PM

 Wow...the reviewer seems to have missed the most important part of this episode.  Just before Dexter is about to plunge a knife into the TPA he has an epiphany. This starts when he asks the TPA why he did what he did and the guy says when he was a young man he was falsely accused of something his friend Bobby did and it ruined his life.  Then Dexter says to the Arsonist that he can't use that as an excuse for what he's done, that he's had plenty of time to get help, and get past it, and that he needs to take resposibility for his actions. Suddenly you can see in Dexter's eyes the realization that he's been doing the very thing he told the Phantom Arsonist he shouldn't have done (not taking reponsibility for his actions).

The reviewer and some commentators seem to have a double standard for Quinn and Dexter.  In this last episode both killed bad men to protect the woman they love.  The reviewer seems tickled by Dexters murder but thinks Quinn deserves some sort of retribution for his.

This brings me to a big plot whole in the episode.  Since when can't a law enforcement person shoot a man who has pulled a gun on him.  Why this elaborate set up of putting the gun in the dead man's hand and shooting Quinn in the arm.  What was that about?  Why does the bad guy have to shoot first before the good guy can shoot.  All Quinn had to say to Batista was he pulled a gun on me and i shot him.

Plus in reality a guy like Quinn would know that there's no such thing as a safe gunshot wound.  A bullet fired into your arm can shatter bones and fragment and something can end up in your heart or another vital organ and your a deadman.


TheSilentKiller 12/5/2012 2:23:50 PM

 This is a really interesting development. In the books, the Dark Passenger is literally real - there's a whole them about recognizing each other's dark passengers, and it's implied that it might be a demon of some sort.

I kind of like Dexter embracing his inner bad.

ddiaz28 12/6/2012 8:38:36 AM

Same here.  Watching the show and reading the books around the same time I find that it might be an actual demon a bit weird.  Especially in the book with the cult in it. 

kennynine 12/8/2012 2:14:17 AM

 Agreed Blank, Once the club manager pulled the gun on Quinn it was fair game for Quinn to shoot him. Being an officer myself I can say that the law enforcement aspect of the show does not reflect reality in any way. Every episode has multiple unrealistic police scenes. But that is the story with most TV shows that have a law enforcement aspect. They are almost always BS. "The Wire" is the only TV drama that reflected reality. It was scary how dead on the writers of that show were. Thats said I still love "Dexter" for what it is. Exteremely unrealistic but very entertaining. 

Bmfstunner 12/9/2012 4:40:25 PM

All I know about Dexter, is that it "was" my favorite show, hell we even named our English Bulldog after him. But frankly, the show lost me after season four, I still watch but it's definitely gone downhill for me since then.

I think my biggest gripe after watching this episode and past is how much more can you go into the mind of a serial killer, we all know his reasoning for what he does and why he does it. Is there really anymore to explain? Dexter isn't this complicated character, in fact I feel, he's so hollow that their really isn't that much to him. I say that because for the most part he really doesn't feel, the writers have tried to make him more human but that's not Dexter to me.



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