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  • Episode: A Little Reflection (Season 8, Episode 6)
  • Starring: Michael C. Hall, Jennifer Carpenter, David Zayas
  • Written By: James Manos Jr. (developer), Jeff Lindsay (novel)
  • Directed By: John Dahl
  • Network: Showtime
  • Studio: Showtime Networks, John Goldwyn Productions
  • Series:

DEXTER: A Little Reflection Review

The halfway point of the final season

By Jarrett Kruse     August 06, 2013


The halfway point of Dexter’s final season has come and gone and man what a snooze-fest. It took me three separate twenty minute intervals to get through the episode. In a word: disappointed. Now that the beans have been spilled and a good portion of Dex’s life has unraveled, the fallout is not nearly what I would have thought. Or maybe not what I had hoped it would become. Instead, Dexter and company and particularly Deb are back to normal—having steaks and beer talking about their stalled romantic relationships. Boring with a capital “B.” 

A wealthy Miami family has been the focus of Metro’s investigation into a murder of one of their maids. Like Teflon to a pan, the political maneuvering of Deputy Chief Tom Matthews (the always wonderful character actor Geoff Matthews) keeps the investigation away from the wealthy Hamilton family. While Dex is vetting Zack it turns out that the young man is a patient of none other than Dr. Vogel. However Dexter sees that the heir to the Hamilton fortune, Zack, is behind the murder. And in it he sees himself albeit without Harry’s Code (and Vogel’s). When Zack attempts to take out Pop Hamilton, Dex doses him and gets him on his table first. Then something happens that was intriguing. While lying there on the table Dexter and Zack converse and in the young man he sees potential and cuts him loose from his plastic prison. Dexter officially has an intern/prodigy now that has the darkness in him. The scene between the two on the table was easily the best of the show and I was impressed with the young Sam Underwood as the Hamilton scion. When Dexter consults Vogel about his concern for Zack, Vogel who really owes Dexter her life tries to persuade him that with the proper code Zack too can become like Dexter. In fact, Vogel even knows that Zack murdered their maid and did absolutely nothing about it. Definitely no “Doctor of the Year” awards for Doc Vogel. Still it was an interesting premise considering Vogel co-created Harry’s Code and I am not sold on it yet but I could see it working by the end of the series. Spinoff possibilities maybe??

While it has been fun to see a lot of Batista, Quinn and Masuka this season, they really are pretty boring subplots. Batista argues with Quinn about becoming Sergeant! Masuka may be a father! A new girl named Cassie is in Dexter’s life! Lot of window dressing for the main plot that better be gearing up for one hell of a second half to its final season. I definitely like the idea of Dex having a prodigy and someone he can teach the code to and I genuinely think Zack was sincere while on the table. He was not just trying to save his own hide—he was expressing his Dark Passenger. There is a beast inside him that cannot stop growing. A malignancy that is spreading and he needs to satiate his urge to kill. When Dexter allows him into a crime scene, the kid is absolutely fascinated by the blood spatter and plotting out where the killer went wrong. Dex entertains his thoughts and even says that Zack is a quick study; someone that he can probably teach.

The brother-sister credo definitely seems to be “the family that kills together…” and you know the rest. I definitely am happy that Deb is dealing with her PTSD but it is with Vogel and that just does not add up for me. It’s the equivalent of a family of four all separately going to see the same therapist on separate days—it just does not happen. It is ethics 101 and for some reason it just irk’s me. Vogel points out to Dexter that he himself could have been Zack had he not had Harry’s code to abide by. But like it or not, Dexter’s way somehow makes sense to him and the shows narrative rather than just random killings. Dexter has killed but most if not all were some pretty bad people in his tenure. But it is odd the way the writers are screwing with us giving us just nibbles of what we are hoping for in a resurgent second half. I am feeling like the appetizers are decent but the main course has the potential to end in glorious gory ending. 

In the end it is Dexter and Deb over coffee looking out at the beach when suddenly Deb feels dizzy and faint. As Dex rushes over to her seemingly ailing sister, he passes out too and through blurry eyes sees….Hannah McKay. Remember her? Neither had I because we have not seen her this season but as soon as I saw that the Morgan’s were poisoned, I called it immediately because I remembered her modus operandis. It was a definite shocker and it will definitely be interesting to see Hannah back in the fray for the final act of Dexter the series. Still, at the end of the day this episode was remarkably average.


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Ryodin 8/6/2013 7:27:27 AM

I think Zach was coached by Vogel on what to tell Dexter. Vogel knew Dexter would be on to him, after all, and that it was just a matter of time before the rich punk ended up on his table. So she told Zach how to say just the right think to get into Dex's mind and get him to take him on as a protoge.

Now, you might be wondering why, right? Well, because Vogel wants to see if it's possible to use The Code to reform a true remorseless pyschopath who is already grown and set in his ways into a killer in control of his urges, and using them only "for good." Unlike Dexter who was raised by a good father from a very young age and taught decency and how to channel himself. But if Vogel can prove that her co-founded "code" can also work on hardened serial killers who have murdered mostly innocent, defenseless victims, then she would've made a huge breakthrough in the field of criminial psychopathy.

Think about it.

redhairs99 8/6/2013 7:35:53 AM

Ryodin, I was thinking the same as you.  I think Vogel is up to something along those lines only to reveal her break-throughs to the world in the end.

The Batista/Quinn storyline just seems pooringly written.  Why didn't Batista just tell him that Matthews told me to chose the other chick who apparently is more qualified for the job even though we've never seen her in the department until the beginning of this season.  It may make Batista's power look weak, but I'd think Quinn and his sister would understand the reasons at least.  

And I'm betting that Quinn gets back on Dexter's trail and possibly finally ends up on the table.  He nearly caught Dexter in the act of nabbing Zach this week and then he's sure to find out that he and Dexter are buddies if they continue to hang out while Quinn is following the kid.

ddiaz28 8/6/2013 7:37:12 AM

 I really enjoyed this episode.  I'm glad we are passed all the turmoil between Dex and Deb.  And I think him having a protege is really cool.  My favorite season is still the third with Miguel Prado and this story has echoes of that.   Dexter is a father but he can't pass on what he's really good at to his real son.  I still think they should have done this storyline with Cody but this will have to do.  And Hannah finally returning was awesome.  Not sure the "remember me" line was necesarry though since it's only been a few months, I'm sure he remembers her.  It will be interesting to see where it goes from here.  Does she want revenge or is she still in love with Dex?  I'm excited to see where this all goes.

ddiaz28 8/6/2013 7:39:09 AM

redhairs99 ... I don't think Batista wanted to admit that he was caving in to the politics of the job.  And I hope Quinn doesn't end up on Dexter's table.  Killing him wouldn't exactly endear him to Deb who he's just patching up his relationship with. 

blankczech 8/6/2013 9:05:16 AM

 So it looks like Dexter has found a playmate...someone to play Robin to his Batman.  I'm happy for him. Last season he found Hannah the love of his life strapped to his killing table and now he has a little buddy.  Had he stopped to talk and get to know other serial killers earlier in his career, instead of torturing and killing them so quickly, he may have found out, that they too could have been friends, as he has so much in common with them...All the other psycho killers lacked was an acceptable code to live by.  

This show is so morally bankrupt that characters like Deb Morgan who has only murdered once seems to be a relatively nice person.  Dr. Vogel the totally screwed up psycho analyst who enjoys tinkering with sick minds, and pulling the strings of these monsters is the lowest of the low.  I still think that before this season is over we might learn that she not only orchestrates this stuff but  is also an active participant.

I'd love to see all of them (Dexter, Deb, Vogel, Zach and Hannah) get trapped in a burning room in the last episode...but we all know Dexter can't die because the Showtime screen writers don't own the character, author Jeff Lindsay does.

invisioner 8/6/2013 3:19:16 PM

Problem with the protégé thing, he saw how that turned out two seasons ago with the Doomsday duo. I think Vogel is possibly setting up a scenario to eliminate the two people who can implicate her, Dex and Deb. Then, she can start fresh with Zack, until she no longer has use for him. that is MY thought...

jd25u 8/7/2013 9:03:50 AM

I still think that Vogel was the one who was shooting that video, whose gloved hand we saw, forcing that guy to kill people earlier.  I think she is the "mastermind" behind everything happening to Dexter, besides Hannah.

redhairs99 8/7/2013 9:40:47 AM

 jd 25u, I had that same thought when they originally watched that video.



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