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blankczech 8/27/2013 8:38:44 AM

  Dialog from this episode-

Dexter: Deb can Hannah hide out in your home. Deb: Sure Dexter. I don't mind that she murdered the journalist I was dating and tried to kill me. I'll even let her prepare my dinner, despite the fact that she poisons people and has drugged me on more than one occasion.

Angel Batista: Deb we'd love to have you back on the force. Deb: Let me think about it. I'm not sure if the person who murdered your ex-wife and is aiding and abetting a couple of serial killers would make a good cop.

This is the kind of ridiculous writing we are getting on Dexter this season. Jarrett gives it an A- but I give it an F.

By the real life (I'll grant you this show has nothing to do with real life)...if you discover that your son or brother is killing people it's your civic responsibility to turn him over to the police. That's how they caught Ted Kaczynski the Una-bomber. His brother tipped off the cops.

DarkXid 8/27/2013 2:18:13 PM

 I don't know, if I found out my brother was killing attorneys...and only attorneys, I think I'd probably let him. 

wish 8/27/2013 2:20:46 PM

blank: all good points, this show has taken a huge fall for it's final season.  Heartbreaking to see this show turn so shitty.

Ryodin 8/28/2013 6:03:33 AM

DarkXid makes a good point. If I found out my brother was only killing serial killers and criminals who skip incarceration due to technical errors in processing ... I would consider him damn near a superhero! At least give him a high five.

ddiaz28 8/28/2013 7:32:04 AM

It's obvious that Deb has blinders on when it comes to Dexter.  They've made it pretty damned clear that she loves him unconditionally.  She killed Laguerta for him, so letting Hannah stay at her house because Dexter asked her isn't out of the question at all.  And she acknowledges the ridiculousnes of her eating Hannah's food.  But Hannah knows at this point, harming Deb in any way will only harm her chances with Dex.  I love that they've decided to get out of Miami together with Harrison.  The question is will Dexter end with a "happy" ending or will Dexter's story end up in Shakespearean tragedy?  I'm enjoying the final season very much. 

swisshammer 8/29/2013 8:46:45 PM

All the episodes up to this point seemed aimless and confused. At least they seem like they're reigning it in for the final haul.

SmokingFrog77 9/9/2013 3:36:33 AM

I've enjoyed this season so far, they've taken some interesting plot routes, and the threads seem to be pulling together nicely. Civic responsibility or not, this show is about moral and ethical conflicts as much as anything else. Even if it'd be a more realistic plot element having Deb hand Dex in immediately (as would Dex setting of a BURGLAR ALARM once in a while), that's not what the story is about. This season hasn't grabbed my by the balls yet, but the buildup is pretty masterful - IF they bring it home with the finale. If they don't it'll all be pretty disappointing. I'm preparing myself for the dramatic comeuppance for Dexter's murderin' ways, but if Showtime can convince audiences to accept a protagonist who's a psychopath and a serial killer, maybe they'll get away with a 'happy ending' for Dex. Whatever it is, I just hope it's unexpected.



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