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  • Episode: Are We There Yet? (Season 8, Episode 8)
  • Starring: Michael C. Hall, Jennifer Carpenter, Desmond Harrington
  • Written By: James Manos Jr. (developer), Jeff Lindsay (novel)
  • Directed By: Holly Dale
  • Network: Showtime
  • Studio: Showtime Networks
  • Series:

Dexter: Are We There Yet? Review

I am officially bored

By Jarrett Kruse     August 20, 2013

Dexter Review
© Showtime/Bob Trate
I am officially bored with this final season of DEXTER in what I had hoped was going to be a top quality ending to the original program that made SHOWTIME a big time player. Now I feel betrayed by the show that I put so much faith back into after ridiculous plot lines like having Colin Hanks being the bad guy. I have stuck with the show in the good times and the bad times and with just five episodes left, I can honestly say “WTF is going on??” The show has somehow fallen into self-parody and it steals its one clever line from the episode by Zach Hamilton sitting in the back seat of Dexter and Hannah driving as he mutters the call of all kids that have suffered through a long trip with their parents--”are we there yet?” It is the monotonous drone from a spoiled kid from today's search yourself by Googling your own name society to see what comes up and going nuts when you see your name in print.

We are left with none other than Dexter's would be paramour and neighbor Cassie having been killed in very similar fashion to Zach's maiden kill: bludgeoning from behind. Too easy; its just gotta be. Or is it the one zillionth red herring in the Dexter canon? I'm going with the zillionth red herring and the questioning killed as by....The Brain Surgeon? I know what you're thinking: the Brain Surgeon is dead already, right? Well apparently not because not only is he (or she) alive, he is still killing because Dexter just walked in to his apartment with Zach's dead body left on his desk chair with a and almost quarter from his brain. The last person to see Zach was Vogel but she was dropping Zach off at his home. Despite the cheesy sounding name  of Miami's newest serial, the funny sounding moniker is prescient again as Zach Hamilton's brains have been scooped out of his skull in mad scientist fashion. It seems like the only interesting character of the season has been killed pushing Doc Vogel back into the limelight and me scratching my head.

If only for a moment I thought that the bigger picture narrative was finally getting back on track with this odd foursome poised to somehow indulge their sickness and lust for for blood by getting the real bad guy. However now I have no idea just who the bad guy is at this point. Or should I say I have no idea who the writers want us to believe is the killer this week. It has become a tedious and boring exercise and an exercise in futility already. Anytime there is something that is moving the narrative in the right direction it seems to take an unneeded step back with barely any time left in the show. Five episodes does not seem like a lot of time to wrap up more what seems like a hell of a lot ground to cover.

I think that last weeks final sequence that leaves Zach banging on Dexter's door with the now deceased Cassie and her boyfriend letting him know that everyone's favorite blood spatter analyst was not home. Zach leave's a simple message for the young couple to leave and it includes the U.S.A.'s favorite four-letter word moniker. Maybe they were just setting us up to just think that Zach was behind Cassie's murder especially considering they were both killed with blunt force trauma to the head. Still they are making it awfully tough to figure out what seems to be a front that Dexter has never had to wade into: boredom. Whoever is the Brain Surgeon, they can also arrest them boredom of a mass audience.. They've got five episodes to prove us wrong...


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TheSilentKiller 8/20/2013 7:38:39 AM

I think Quinn killed Cassie. Dex finds out and kills Quinn. Vogel killed Zach.

Deb swears a lot.

Squeaky893 8/20/2013 9:14:28 AM

I thought this episode was more funny than anything else.  A regular family of psychos sitting at the dinner table.

rkngl 8/20/2013 10:01:47 AM

Yes the episode was funny. The "vegetarian" joke was a reference to Hannibal. Ha. Ha.


But, was anybody expecting "that"? Let me ear you! Were you, you liars? You don't even know what "that" is, do you?!

Whoever is writing this season, I take my hat off to him/her! Haven't you noticed that, unlike other Dexter seasons, the nemesis is nowhere to be seen? Where's the ice truck killer? the trinity killer? all the other killers we have seen on other seasons almost from day one? The main nemesis, this season, was The Brain Surgeon, and he was killed episodes ago... or was he?

The writers have been fooling us from day one! The killer is not who he/she seems to be! Every "tedious" plot point is a move on a slow chess game against Dexter. If anyone still thinks this season is not the best season ever, you haven't been paying attention!!! The true identity of "The Brain Surgeon" was hidden in plain sight in every episode, and we have been blind from the first one!


Oh, I expect the last episodes are going to be big bombs!

ddiaz28 8/20/2013 12:06:35 PM

I enjoyed this episde and I'm sure the writers have something big up their sleeves for the end.  A lot of us are assuming that Vogel is the Brain Surgeon, and the show tries hard to keep us thinking that, especially with the cut from Zach's brain to Vogel looking at the piece.  Did she take it herself, or was it sent to her again?  I'm thinking the latter.  I'm with rkngl.  Unlike all other seasons, the killer has been completely hidden, or hidden in plain sight, from us.  Sounds like he thinks he knows the secret, I don't.   We are all assuming one thing and I hope they knock us over the head with something else unexpected.

I also really liked Zach in this episode and I wish that relationship had gone a little longer.  The whole family aspect, especially once Hannah was at the table, was really fun to see.  And I liked how Dex's dad asked him if another desire was pulling at him more than killing. 

blankczech 8/20/2013 10:10:51 PM

 The episode stunk. Like 99% of the people watching I've always thought that Vogel was the brain surgeon and yes I wondered about the meat in that old family recipe she cooked up for her squad of serial killers this week.

How else can we explain Vogel's love of psychopathic serial killers than to think it's because she's one herself.

The guy who the writers tried to make us think was the brain surgeon to get us off the trail didn't really fit the m.o...he had a woman tied up in his torture chamber (with no apparent plan to extract her brain stem), instead it was more likely he was the guy who was taking off womens shoes and breaking their toes before killing them. This fake brain surgeon seemed genuinely surprised to find Dexter rummaging around his house (which would have made no sense since the real brain surgeon knew that Dexter was after him and had given Dexter his very own slice of brain in an earlier episode). When Vogels former patient snatched her he appeared more jealous that her attention had turned to someone else than angry. Why would we think this guy was the brain surgeon? It's more likely that Vogel who ordered or and maybe even performed the surgery on his brain is the true brain surgeon.

I hate what the writers have done with Deb. I liked her better when her conscience was tearing her apart for killing a cop in cold blood. I was hoping that in this episode she'd become the old badass Deb I used to like and put a 9MM slug between Hannah's eyes but instead she let her slide in deference to her slime ball brother. In the next 5 episodes I expect Dexter to figure Vogel out and take care of business as usual, and for him to try to run off with Hannah. I'm thinking Deb's boss in search of a quarter of million dollar payday, will take Hannah from Dex, and that Deb will rekindle things with Quinn. In the final scene I expect to see Dex (perhaps wearing a beard) in Argentina stalking some sleazy murderer.

but who really care's about this tired favorite thing about Dexter this year is that several weeks ago I left my TV set tuned to the Showtime channel after Dexter went off and now as with Homeland a couple of years ago, I've discovered Ray Donovan a series I like a hell of lot more than Dexter.

jd25u 8/21/2013 6:57:09 AM

 At this point, because its so obvious, if the "Brain Surgeon" turns out to be Vogel, I'll be ticked.  I also think Quinn killed Dexter's neighbor to frame Zach, so he can get promoted.

ddiaz28 8/21/2013 7:09:53 AM

Yeah that's how I feel jd25u.  Like I said previously, by cutting to her right after he finds Zach, they are making it too obvious so I think they are setting us up for a curveball.  And I don't think Quinn would go that far.  If he did there definitely wasn't enough development to warrant that.  Guess we'll see.

blankczheck ... while I too really enjoy Ray Donovan, it's only in it's first season so it's not hard for it to come off as way better than Dexter's final season.  Dexter has a lot of great seasons behind it as well.  If Ray Donovan is still around in 8 years then we can compare the two more fairly. 

Noovtere 9/2/2013 2:43:26 AM

I can't say the show is back to where it was, but this was definitely the best episode of the season.  I never believed the Brain Surgeon was dead.  I do think it's likely the Brain Surgeon is Vogel.



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