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Diamond Daydreams (Kita e)

Atsuko Akanegi is a simple girl helping her mother run the struggling family business. She works hard, stays out of trouble and tries to not let life get too complicated. But then, she discovers that she has an arranged marriage waiting for her in the future. And to make matters worse, she thinks her groom-to-be is a bit boring and self-centered. Then, more complications. Atsuko meets Kurata – a mature, interesting and passionate soul who mingles his way into her life. She is torn. Atsuko must find within herself the delicate differences between the comfort of firm stability of and the pain of a wanting heart.
Karin Shiraishi is very ill. She has been hospitalized for a over two years with little hope of recovery. And her physician, Dr. Amakasu, doesn’t make her feel any better – neither in a medical sense nor emotionally. He is cocky, brash and aloof to her needs as a person. The only thing that keeps Karin going is her web blog. There, she vents and expounds upon her experiences and manages to find some warmth and sanity in the otherwise cold and sterile confines of the patient ward. Eventually, her blog gathers quite a following, and she meets someone wonderful. Kind and caring, her new friend is everything she’s been longing for. That is, until they come face to face.