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Stupid Battlestar Galactica

11/5/2010 7:25:20 AM permalink

Now, I am very late to the Battlestar Galactica party.
Never watched the original nor the modern version.

After continually reading what a great show this was I thought, what the heck, give it a go.
Now, here comes the stupid part, on my behalf, sort of.

I go out and buy Season 1 of Battlestar Galctica
Before I continue, I suspect most of you can guess what is coming already..

As I start to watch , I get this feeling that I have missed something.
As I am enjoying the first few episodes I continue to watch, maybe they have done this intentionally and plan to do a series of flash backs to fill in the gaps.

Eventually, I get off my lazy arse and log into IMDB.
What's this Mini Series reference…. Damn it.

Don't call something Season 1 if you don't include the main story to start it all.
I have since watched the mini-series and I have now just finished watching up to and including Season 3.

Like I said, a bit late to the party but better late then never. Plus I didn't have to wait months after a season finale.

Thanks for reading, if anyone does.



The Gates

9/17/2010 4:12:33 AM permalink

What do I dare talk about with my first Blog post.

How about I elaborate on my comments " you can get used to most things".

I've just started watching the Series " The Gates".
Now this is not the best TV Series to ever grace our screens but it does have a slight charm.
I agree it has jumped on the wave of Vampire, Werewolves thirst.

My first impression was that it was not the best but like I said " you can used to it".

Here are my reasons to  watch if you have not had the chance to catch it yet.

  1. There is a fine collection of mature, good looking women with a few young ones thrown in as well.
    Rhona Mitra  ( Clare Radcliff) was a hot pin up girl in the late 90's and I believe was the early Lara Croft model.
    Rhona  does look as if  she has embraced the botex revolution but is no means repulsive to the eye.
    Personally Marisol Nichols ( Sarah Monahan) gets the cougar award for me whilst Rachel Dipillo (Lexie) gets a thumbs up mention with that 80's style wild hair that wouldn't look out of place on Cher's wig stand.
  2. Frank Grillo, who plays Nick Monohan I think stands head and shoulders above everyone on an acting basis.
  3. Luke Mably ( Dylan Radcliff ) - took me a while to remember where I recognized him from. He played Scott Lucas in Dream Team. Now I suspect that no one outside of the UK would know this, only a few UK people probably remember. Classic program about a fictitious Premier League Football ( Soccer)  team, Harchester United. Loved it.

    I fear that " The Gates"  may never get a second series but let's wait and see.

    Thanks for reading




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