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DIGIMON Goes Down the Drain

THE EXORCIST Still Top Genre Film.

By Steve Biodrowski     October 09, 2000

The names may sound alike, but there was little similarity in box office performance between Fox's release of Digimon: The Movie this weekend and the previous two Pokemon movies. The big-screen version of the TV anime hit pulled in only $4.1-million on 1,822 screens, for an uninspiring average take of $2,250 per engagement. That put the film in 5th place, behind three other newcomers to the Top Ten, plus the re-release of The Exorcist. And if Fandom browsers are any reliable indicator, the film should do an extremely fast fade to video oblivion.

A poll conducted on our site Friday asked browsers which film they would rather see, Digimon: The Movie or CyberWorld (the latter a 3D movie playing only in Imax theatres). Out of 94 votes (a fair response at best), only 11% wanted to see Digimon; 25% wanted to see CyberWorld; and 57% had no interest in either, with the remainder wanting to see both. A follow-up poll on Saturday-Sunday, asking browsers to grade the film, was even more dire. Out of only 50 responses, 60% gave the film an F; 10%, a D; 14%, a C; 2%, an B; and 14%, an A. Using a point system (4 for A, 3 for B, etc), that gives the film a total score of only 80 points and an average score of 1.3, or just slightly ahead of a D.

As for the rest of the box office news, the Top Ten was dominated by non-genre films in the Top Three positions, with Meet the Parents and Remember the Titans way out in front, in the #1 and #2 positions, respectively. The highest ranking genre films remained The Exorcist, which dropped from 2nd to 4th place with $4.6-million, down 36% from the previous weekend. Still in only 1,150 theatres, the film will add another 400 screens next week, for the Friday the 13th weekend showdown with Lost Souls.

Falling three slots in 7th place was Urban Legends: Final Cut, which grossed $2.6-million, down 41%. The only other full-blown genre film in the Top Ten was What Lies Beneath, which dropped one notch down to the #9 position with $1.2-million, a 27% fall-off. In a tie for 10th place was the borderline entry The Watcher, which was neck-and-neck with Nurse Betty, for films earning $1.1-million.

Below is a list of the studio estimates for the weekend's Top Ten films. Final figures will be posted tomorrow.

U.S. Box Office Top Ten 10/6 to 10/8/2000
1.Meet the Parents $29.1-million
2. Remember the Titans$19.6-million
3.Get Carter $6.7-million
4. The Exorcist$4.6-million
5. Digimon: The Movie$4.1-million
6.Almost Famous$3.8-million
7. Urban Legends: Final Cut$2.6-million
8.Bring It On$2.2-million
9.What Lies Beneath$1.2-million
10.The Watcher$1.1-million
10.Nurse Betty$1.1-million


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