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Do the Digimon

By Steve Ryfle     October 05, 2000

For months and months, you've hoped against hope that this moment would never arrive. You appealed to your Congressman, but he was powerless against the onslaught. You put sandbags outside your home, but to no avail. You hid all your money in Swiss banks. No dice.

Yes, Digimon: The Movie opens tomorrow, and being the parent of a small-fry kid will never be the same again (well, not for a few weeks, at least).

To help you (and ourselves) through these difficult times, we at Fandom have dredged up a few Digimon factoids to make this cinematic event somewhat more comprehensible (we must admit that, when it comes to lil' animated Japanese monsters, we're still Pokemon people). Hopefully, knowledge will quell the fear of all the Digimon craper, stuff assailing you every time you watch TV, get on the Internet, or visit a Taco Bell or Toys R Us (both of which have tie-in promotions).

And here's what we found out: It's about nuclear war!

Well, sort of.

Fox's Digimon cartoon follows the adventures of seven kids at summer camp, who somehow get transported into a digital world and make friends with little virtual monsters. The kids all have archetypal personalities: the leader, the rebel, the selfish beeyotch, the nervous nelly, the philosopher. The kids and monsters are at odds with evil, and each episode is supposed to teach kids (yours) something meaningful.

In the movie, there's (of course) an evil Digimon that 'digivolves' into something fierce, and threatens to take over the Internet and worldwide communications, then launch nuclear missiles from America to Japan!

So, perhaps there's a point to Digimon: The Movie after all. Maybe these post-Pokemon critters are the modern-day Godzillas, sent here to show our complacent kids what it's like to grow up in the only country ever attacked with nukes. Pikachu, come back!


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