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Dini Guides Static Through Gotham

By Dave Richards     January 27, 2003

Thethird season of Static Shock premiers this weekend on Kid's WB.The premier sees Static in Gotham City re-teaming with the Dynamic Duo.What makes the episode even more special is that it was penned by one ofthe creative forces behind the original Batman: The Animated Series,Paul Dini. Joe Wagner of AnimationInsider talked to Dini about the episode.

Dini enjoyed returning tosome old stomping grounds with a new character. He said, "It was greatto get back to Gotham again, and a lot of fun to work with Static, too.I like the character a lot. Virgil's a trusted ally of Batman, but nota true member of his team. Therefore he can crack wise or make commentsthat Robin couldn't. I found that made for some funny interplay betweenStatic, Batman and Alfred."

Static, Batman and Robinwill have to contend with the villainy of two of Dini's favorite characters:Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn. These are two characters that Dini has becomeidentified with. He said, "Oddly enough, they were not my first choicesto be the heavies in the episode, Killer Croc was. At first I wanted todo more of a slugfest, and Alan and I tossed around a few ideas with Croc,and later Bane, being the leader of a gang of Bang Babies. Then we realizedthe story was getting close to plots Alan had already done before on Staticand that we had done together on Batman, so we decided to tell a storythat focused on one girl trying to deal with her mutation and turning tothe wrong people for help. Alan suggested H & I, and I said, "What,again?" That said, it took me about four seconds to get into the story.The girls are a lot of fun to write and I'm never at a loss for ideas forthem."

The various DC animated seriesare starting to come together to form their own little world. In the episodeDini makes reference to another DC super team that will be getting it'sown animated series soon, The Teen Titans. Dini is happy that there isnow a DC Animated universe. He said, "I'm happy it has. Also happy thatkey people who were originally associated with Batman have gone on to bringtheir initial passion to Batman to other characters in the DC universe.Glen Murakami pioneered some great design techniques in Batman and he'snow doing some very exciting things with Teen Titans. Of courseBruce Timm and Rich Fogel are continuing to come up with amazing adventureson Justice League. I love the way they've been able to take differentcharacters and elements from DC history, like the Demon, Blackhawk andMetamorpho, to name a few, and blend them into the show. Denys Cowan andDwayne McDuffie were not originally part of the Batman crew, but they didcreate the Static character and it's great that they (and Alan Burnett)are guiding him through his animated incarnation as well."


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