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tallman 2/14/2013 8:06:44 AM


redhairs99 2/14/2013 8:11:10 AM

 Love the mock-up poster, Bob!  Where'd you find that?

cinemaman72 2/14/2013 8:21:59 AM

I think I read somewhere that since Puck is not a member of the X-men he's still property of Marvel Comics.

violator14 2/14/2013 8:52:47 AM

 Knowing this franchise, he'll probably play the new Cyclops somehow...... haha

nemesis1_57 2/14/2013 9:02:48 AM

No that would not be right didn't Fox purchase Alpha flight since some members were in the Wolverine movie? If so Puck would be included.


RobertTrate 2/14/2013 9:12:01 AM

 Found it on a google search. I think it is from Deviant art


monkeyfoot 2/14/2013 9:14:41 AM

I guess it could be Puck. But he's supposed to be very athletic and the Dinkster doesn't come across that way. I always thought dwarf actor Martin Klebba would be a better choice for that character.

tallman 2/14/2013 9:17:17 AM

 Fair enough, just thought he looked a bit like him. @Violator I think he's going to play Cyclops never heard of before brother...Triclops.

FerretJohn 2/14/2013 9:27:17 AM

I honestly don't know who he'd play, maybe Puck but Puck wasn't part of the Days of Future Past story, I can't think of anyone his size who was.

DarthBob 2/14/2013 9:49:10 AM

Maybe Sugar Man or recasting Boliver Trask

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