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Directions for Making Comic Books

By Aaron Reynolds     -
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Comic books continue to hold an important role in pop culture, especially now that many of the classic series are being converted into feature films. If you would like to start your very own comic book, you may be closer than you actually think to making that dream a reality. Just know that if you have the talent and the great story to back it up, the comic book will find an audience.

Step 1

Create your story. Comic books all rely on a fantastic story that continues to build throughout the series. Your comic must have a hero that your audience can relate to and root for. Create an exceptional back story that makes the hero someone who everyone can associate with. You also need to create a downright dirty antagonist. The villain and hero should have a common conflict that they both are always fighting against each other to obtain.

Step 2

Create your illustrations or find an illustrator. Usually the writer or team of writers will hire an artist for all the illustrations. The illustrations are just as important as the actual story, so this process should not be overlooked. Take your time to find the right look and feel of your comic series. The illustrations should add to the writing and not reiterate what readers already know. Searching for a professional illustrator? Check out "Directory of Illustration" and "Advocate Art" (resources below) for a list of professionals for hire.

Step 3

Find a financier and produce the comic book. While self-publishing is becoming a more viable alternative (reference and resource below), still the best option is to land a contract through a publishing house or find a financier who is willing to support the costs for the print. These deals will often incorporate a marketing and promotional strategy to help the comic book find an audience and support the expenses.


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