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Director Greg Beeman Talks Smallville, Aquaman, & Heroes

    July 25, 2006

"Smallville was just the right show for me at the right time. I came on to direct Episode 3 and I never left until Episode 100, which is the last one I was really deeply involved with. I feel like I was looking for them and they were looking for me. I loved the material and the pilot and it spoke to everything I believed in. I saw the mythic and spiritual aspects in Smallville; it had darkness, romance, action. I believed in it. In the very beginning, they had started with agreat pilot, but then weren't sure how to make it week-to-week. It was lacking a cohesive design or visual style. I was able to bring to it what I believe has become a signature look. The strong use of color, the romantic lighting, the graceful moving camera, the big close-ups, etc. etc. And I really had the chance to work intimately with the young actors and help them develop their craft and their characters. Without a doubt, Smallville has been the most creatively satisfying job I've ever had." More...


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