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Director Mathieu Kassovitz Upset About BABYLON A.D

Another Vin Diesel related topic for tonight.

By Jarrod Sarafin     August 25, 2008
Source: AMC Blogs

Vin Diesel in BABYLON AD.(2008)
© 20th Century Fox
Let's make this the last Vin Diesel-related news of the afternoon, shall we? Fellow Maniac Wiseguy has passed along word that director Mathieu Kassovitz is not happy at all about the current final cut of Babylon A.D., which hits theaters this Friday. There was some word of a rift between the studio and the director some months back when it was rumored that Kassovitz's version was getting a major cut. Diesel was even joking about the supposed studio-ordered cuts by wondering if he's still in the final studio-stamped version of the film.

Here's what the director had to say at AMC's Blogs.

"I'm very unhappy with the film," he says. "I never had a chance to do one scene the way it was written or the way I wanted it to be. The script wasn't respected. Bad producers, bad partners, it was a terrible experience."

The film, starring Vin Diesel, is an adaptation of the French novel Babylon Babies by Maurice Georges Dantec. It tells the story of a mercenary (Diesel) in the year 2019 who is hired to transport a woman and her guardian from Eastern Europe to New York. "The scope of the original book was quite amazing," says Kassovitz. "The author was very much into geopolitics and how the world is going to evolve. He saw that as wars evolve, it won't be just about territories any more, but money-driven politics. As a director it's something that's very attractive to do."

Diesel emphasizes the movie's theme of smuggling people across national borders. "This whole thing that's happening in Georgia right now is so fresh that no one has even asked about it yet," he says. "We're coming into an age where borders are closing, and I think that our society will be numb to it because of our freedom in the virtual world, our freedom in the Internet."

But according to Kassovitz, Babylon A.D. fails to deliver any of these messages. "It's pure violence and stupidity," he admits. "The movie is supposed to teach us that the education of our children will mean the future of our planet. All the action scenes had a goal: They were supposed to be driven by either a metaphysical point of view or experience for the characters... instead parts of the movie are like a bad episode of 24."

He didn't have all bad things to say on it. To read more, click the link above.


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almostunbiased 8/25/2008 7:03:16 PM
Figures, stupid producers. Why hire someone and then don't let them do their job. Fargin Bastages.
NotAFan 8/25/2008 8:01:03 PM
Hmmm Looks like Diesel can't win for losing. Oh well, there's always the director's cut 20 years from now. He should try for the part of BA Barracas, but I still say it should be Michael Duncan Clark! I refuse to accept either Ice Cube or Tyrese as B.A. Barracas!
WarCry 8/25/2008 8:32:12 PM
Ok, not related at all to the news, but I've got to say, who's vetting the adds on the site? I mean, related products are Diesel Engine parts for certain VIN series? That's just about the funniest thing I've seen in a LONG time.....
ponyboy76 8/26/2008 3:34:17 AM
I will never understand why producers and higher ups hire a director knowing what the directors vision is, only to end up undermining the whole operation. If you want your vision put up on screen than you direct it or hire some hack who will just trumpet your ideas. Either do that or let the director you hire get on with his/her job of making the movie.
Dazzler 8/26/2008 4:31:56 AM
Bad ep of 24? No such thing. High praise indeed. I will be there for this one. I have given up on good storytelling at the movies years ago. Everything is supposed to be heavy CGI brainless fun! Higher budget means lower amounts of story is the formula now.
Wiseguy 8/26/2008 6:28:08 AM
Fox is making a lot of enemies lately and a lot of them are the fans. They're messing this up, they screwed up the Fantastic Four, X-Men were questionable at best, Wolverine is up on the air but they were messing with that too. Not to mention the suit for Watchmen. One piece said that they may be looking to prevent the film from being released altogether. Maybe we should boycott everything Fox. Yeah, I know people won't do it. Too bad.
hanso 8/26/2008 6:34:47 AM
Fuck this movie. It will be shit.
Hobbs 8/26/2008 7:11:21 AM
The director is right, the scope of the book is out there so that being said I expected the movie to be different from the book lovers out there know as well as I do Hollywood usually screws them up but my God, if you take everything the story was about out of the movie like the director said then what the hell is left? I'm not as stoked to see this now. Holy shit, thats like making Jurasic Park without the dinosaurs...WTF is the point.
akiraakobus 8/26/2008 10:46:58 AM
Please the movie looks pretty good, I've never heard of the book, this movie looks like an enjoyable Sci-Fi/Action, Vin Disel movie, I enjoyed Pitch Black, Chronicles of Riddick, XXX, and to an extent The Fast and the Furious, so I will definitely be seeing this. I figure this will be number one for the weekend probably pulling in a little under or a little over $20 million.
hanso 8/26/2008 11:35:47 AM
"A noisier, costlier version of "Children of Men," yet lacking that film's social-political significance and jaw-dropping direction,"<BR itxtvisited="1" /><BR itxtvisited="1" />Childre of Men is a fuckin classic! Babylon AD is shit, I haven't seen it but I know. This will tank cause no one cares about this stupid stupid film. It currently holds 0% on Rotten Tomatoes. No, no, you read that right. 0 fuckin %! Crap I tell ya, crap!


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