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axia777 5/4/2010 12:42:44 PM

Wiseguy, I would still like to see official info then just rumors and hear say.

donkingkong 5/4/2010 2:07:24 PM

@ Wiseguy and @ axia777, yep we've been getting loads of differing news Hobbit news, the ealiest it will be going out now will be december 2012, which essentially means 2013. Go check out the Latino Review story that came out yesterday.  Sure the Hobbit movies are moving forward albeit a slow pace, just saying "certain" people have said they were interested in doing a doctoe Strange movie, but don't believe me go google it.


chopkins229 5/4/2010 2:14:05 PM

 Now, I wont say that Fox is crap, but they have definitly let their guard down when it comes to the X-Men franchise.  The first and second movies were excellent, and in the Last Stand they ruined it, by sending Xavier to a seperate body, by allowing the Dark Phoenix to take over and kill Cyclops, and then be killed in the end, no, that is just retarded.  Then in Wolverine they visual graphics were horrible, the story was ok, but wasn't put together very well, so am I excited about the newest movie, Not Really!

axia777 5/4/2010 4:50:52 PM

Donkingkong, but that does not mean that Del Toro has time to make a whole other movie.  I really doubt he is going to commit to making a Dr. Strange movie before he goes and makes two Hobbit movies.  If it is getting pushed back that is weak sauce.  I knew MGM should not have been involved.  They just gummed up the works.  Asshats.

Though I still say a Dr. Strange movie made by Del Toro and Gaiman would be f*cking EPIC to the ULTRA EPIC.

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