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Mania Grade: D+

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  • Audio Rating: B+
  • Video Rating: B+
  • Packaging Rating: B
  • Menus Rating: B
  • Extras Rating: N/A
  • Age Rating: 18 & Up
  • Region: 1 - North America
  • Released By: Kitty Media
  • MSRP: 29.95
  • Running time: 60
  • Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
  • Disc Resolution: 480i/p (mixed/unknown)
  • Disc Encoding: MPEG-2
  • Series: Dirty Thoughts

Dirty Thoughts

By Chris Beveridge     March 28, 2005
Release Date: June 29, 2004

Dirty Thoughts
© Kitty Media

What They Say
Professor Sayaka is a popular new girl on campus. She's well-liked and friendly to everyone. In fact, she's a little too friendly. In the Dean's mind, she's a shameless flirt who need to be put in her place. And maybe he's right...

During Sayaka's last teaching position, she fell in love with Shin, one of her students - the scandal that ensued forced her to move on to another college. Now Sayaka's being blackmailed into performing various sexy "services" and on top of everything else, she's fallen in love with another student!

The Review!
It's one of those kinds of colleges and one of the teachers just can't get enough of her students.

For our primary viewing session, we listened to this show in its original language of Japanese. Though not that different from the standard adult stereo mix, this show has a few strong areas of directionality across the forward soundstage with things like doors slamming and other action events. Dialogue and excited events are carried well across both channels particularly with the visual trick applied to the show. Dialogue is clean and clear throughout and we had no problems with dropouts or distortions during regular playback.

Originally released in 2003, the transfer for this two episode OVA series is presented in its original full frame aspect ratio. Like a lot of recent hentai the materials here look really good but you can see where they do things on the cheap, such as substituting actual character animation for things like moving the camera back and forth really fast. While that trick can cover up some of the weaknesses, there at least aren't any problems when it comes to the actual visuals. The show is pretty much free of most blemishes, so there's hardly any noticeable cross coloration or aliasing and only the slightest bit of blocking in a few background scenes. The colors look good if not terribly vibrant and the transfer is clean overall.

The front cover goes right for what's in the show which is the attractive young woman being manhandled by creepy old guy that runs a school. I swear, they're either janitors or principals. The background to it is of one of the women from the show in a vague piece that's hued in purple. Overall, the cover art is good in that the image of Sayaka is quite attractive in this illustration but it loses points for showing off an old guy tongue. The back cover keeps the purple hue and it provides images from the show of the various characters as well as animation shots in full color. The shows summary is pretty clear and the bottom of the cover is nicely filled out with production information and the technical grid. The insert has a bit of artwork of one of the guys from the show set against a building where they show the chapter marks for each episode on the close up window.

The main menu uses the elements from the front cover and rearranges them a bit so the really nice full color artwork is bigger and along the left while the right side uses the hued image to list the discs navigational buttons. With no music set to it and no extras, it's a pretty simple and straightforward menu that's quick to load and easy to navigate. The disc also read our players' default language selections accurately and played as it should.


Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Dirty Thoughts, originally titled Pure Emotion, is a two-part OVA series that's rather incomplete with its ending that takes us to College where the teachers are doing things they shouldn't and the students have feelings that they always do but shouldn't act on. The story is actually a bit awkwardly told as it moves back and forth in time across the two episodes so that they can tell what they want and their structure for it just doesn't work at times.

We're introduced to the relationship of the young, beautiful and highly intelligent teacher named Sayaka and her student Shin. Through the course of events, the two have become an item and are really passionate with each other but they know they must keep it a secret from everyone else. Sayaka's not terribly older than him but an age difference will raise eyebrows at this point and the revelation of what's going on could not only ruin her career but destroy his future. Unfortunately for Sayaka, a young man cannot keep such a thing secret for long and he eventually tells the school nurse, Kasumi, who is friends with Sayaka. Believing she'd not tell anyone, he's able to get it off his chest and talk about how happy he is.

Since the revelation could ruin her, Sayaka opts to head off to a new school where the same spiral starts to happen again, but it's not entirely her fault. With the principal knowing the reasons behind her leaving, he's using that as a blackmail of sorts to have his own way with her out in the forest in his car. She doesn't want to do this, and with old-guy tongue who can blame her, but knowing that to rebuff him would ruin her chances of teaching at the school and probably any other one she doesn't resist all that much. The only thing that can save her at this point would be a student who can't handle seeing her treated that way.

With Sayaka being gone, Shin has to find new ways of dealing with being a young stud apparently and moves between various girls. He's got some remorse about what's happened and continues to have feelings for Sayaka but the most he figures he can do based on the advice given is to simply finish college and then do whatever he wants in the real world. Shin's exploits are really the highlight of the show, from his quick encounter with Yui at school to taking Sayaka in the shower. While not a major scene, one of my favorites from this has to be the one with him watching Yui across the way as she comes home and proceeds to go right to bed so she can masturbate there. Most of the other sex scenes are fairly decent but they suffer from some gimmicky visual tricks and far to whisper-thin waists on the characters that are unappealing.

The character designs outside of the sex scenes are pretty decent, though not terribly detailed. They're fairly attractive but at the same time they're essentially relatively standard designs from a Milky release. Combined with the visual tricks of shifting the camera to simulate motion and if you're familiar with Milky you won't be surprised by what you get here. Sayaka's undergoing of various hair color changes is pretty amusing though since it's supposed to symbolize where in the story it's taking place but the entire structure of telling the tale from different time periods simply fails bad here even with that.

In Summary:
Dirty Thoughts is a mild entertaining little two part story with no real end to it but a couple of decent sex scenes. The character designs are decent but you can see where they cut corners but at least the transfer itself is clean and problem free. The story used to hold together all the sex scenes is where the show really fails and falls apart. Probably the most amusing sequence is when Sayaka gets a hold of a new virgin and he's done accurately in that he can't find anything anywhere without her help. Amusing, but not enough to save the title.

Japanese 2.0 Language,English 2.0 Language,English Subtitles

Review Equipment
Panasonic PT50LC13 50" LCD RP HDTV, Zenith DVB-318 Progressive Scan codefree DVD player via DVI with upconversion set to 720p, Sony STR-DE835 DD/DTS receiver, Panasonic SB-TP20S Multi-Channel Speaker System With 100-Watt Subwoofer.


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