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Discotek Acquires Fist of the North Star Movie

By Chris Beveridge     December 31, 2008

Fist of the North Star
© Discotek

Discotek has announced that they've acquired the rights to the 1986 movie Fist of the North Star for US distribution. Discotek has previously released severa classic anime features and then worked more in the last couple of years with live action material and Pink films. Their DVD movie release of this feature will be the remastered version that Toei recently released in Japan. and will include the original Japanese version and the English dub and is planned for a May 2009 release. The feature was previously released by Streamline Picture.


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xenomorph 12/31/2008 12:01:27 PM

I love FOTNS, its one of my favorite anime series. I was not aware there was an animated movie. I of the live action movie that was made but I have never seen it because all of the reviews I've read of it say that its horrible.

tovuk 12/31/2008 1:16:07 PM

Xeno trust me your not missing anything on the movie front. I think the Van Damme Street Fighter was better.



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