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Discoveries’ Open Call

By Pat Ferrara     August 30, 2007

After speaking last week with Erin Evans, one of Wizard’s Assistant Editors, I thought it a good idea to pass this along to all of you. Now I know we have a lot of Maniac readers here at the site, but I’m curious to see just how many of you have the desire to join the ranks of those sci-fi, fantasy, and horror authors you love so much.
If so, Wizards of the Coast has a golden opportunity for you under their new imprint Discoveries. You’ve got four and a half months to check out their guidelines, re-read your manuscripts, and polish those first 30 pages to a mirror shine. Here’s what Erin has to say about the Open Call:
Wizards of the Coast Discoveries, a brand new imprint debuting in January 2008, is looking for well-written speculative fiction. We will open for submissions September 1 and close for submissions January 15. Further guidelines can be found at
Agented submissions are welcome year round.
In January 2008, Discoveries will launch this exciting new imprint with Firefly Rain, a southern gothic ghost story by Richard Dansky. Further launch titles include Last Dragon by J.M. McDermott and Devil’s Cape by Rob Rogers, both first-time novelists who were selected from previous open calls.
Good Luck!
Good luck indeed. If you’ve got the perseverance and determination, you could see a book review of your own novel on next year.


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Myrddin 8/30/2007 4:52:34 PM
This is an important note in their guidelines: "What we’re most interested in are books that are set in a contemporary or historical setting but with the addition of some SF, fantasy, and/or horror elements." No standard fantasy epics. Of course if yours is the best one written, I'm sure they'd be interested, but from all indications from the first open call for this imprtint 2 years ago, thy're looking for non-standard speculative fiction.
smegforbrain 8/30/2007 11:14:12 PM
I thought the results of this previous content had been lost to the abyss or something, since that submission contest was at least a couple of years ago, if not longer.
kaybar 8/31/2007 1:05:53 AM
But for now there are only 4 releases under the new imprint, and 2 of those don't even have their covers designed. They're definitely trying to scour a wider audience.


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