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Disney eyes SWORD IN THE STONE remake

Studio nearly out of the non-remake business

By Christopher Allan Smith     January 24, 2002
Source: Variety

Disney's original THE SWORD IN THE STONE
© Walt Disney Home Video

In a development that further demonstrates Disney Studios' live action films have almost completely given themselves over to remakes of the studio's animated fare we are greeted by the news a live action version of the King Arthur tale SWORD IN THE STONE is in the works.

According to VARIETY, the studio has hired Jay Wolpert (COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO) to write a script based on the 1963 animated version, itself based on ONCE AND FUTURE KING series of novels by T.H. White. To confuse the story further, Warner Bros. has picked up the rights to some of the later KING novels, and has tapped another writer to pound out a script.


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