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Disney passes over 'Power & Glory' for 'Unbreakable'

By Rob M. Worley     March 28, 2000

A source with connections at Disney tells Comics2Film that plans for a movie version of Howard Chaykin's satirical Power & Glory may be set aside in favor of another superhero project.  The latest draft of the P&G script by Ebbe Roe Smith is said be outstanding and was greeted by a terrific positive response from the producers of the movie at The Jacobson Company.

However, our source said that M. Night Shyamalan's Unbreakable is currently a hot prospect for Disney.  Shyamalan wrote and directed last year's surprise hit The Sixth Sense.  Unbreakable tells the story of a man who acquires unique abilities after an accident.  Apparently the projects were seen as being too similar and, as a Shyamalan project seems like a sure bet, the studio is putting P&G aside.

Our source had seen a draft of Smith's screenplay.  He reports that it is quite good.  The script made Power & Glory " more dramatic, less satirical but still quite funny."  Finally, our source reports that there has been tremendous interest in the movie from various parties, and it will very likely find a home at another studio without too much difficulty.


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