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TBSMOOTH 8/12/2009 9:04:25 PM


Wiseguy 8/13/2009 6:45:10 AM

The best summer ever will be 2011

1-SpiderMan 2-Thor 3-Green Lantern 4-Captain America

And for a little diversity, Cars 2, Harry Potter Deathly Hollows 2, Kung Fu Panda 2 and maybe Transformers 3 plus whatever else we don';t know about yet

therockdltj 8/13/2009 7:26:27 AM

isn't the avengers movie supposed to come out a few months after capain america?

Mhalakai 8/13/2009 8:47:33 AM

It’s work like this that makes me proudly South-African!

I just loved it and not just because of seeing our country and people in an amazing sci-fi movie, but also the way they took a “been-there-done-that” idea and did something groundbreaking with it! Congrats to Neill and everybody involved!

Don’t miss this movie, I’ll be standing in the queue again when it opens here! WOW!

zaldar 8/13/2009 12:25:38 PM


Watchmen = Most Faithful Adaption EVER!! and Splendidly EXCELLENT!!!

Star Trek = Take a sci-fi show that wasn't about action and made it a stupid action only movie

Wolverine= umm why did they make this again...??

Up= Fantastic

Transformers 2 = My god why did I waste two hours of my time with this terrible peice of trash?

Drag Me to Hell = umm yeah they don't make stupid fifties horror movies for a REASON anymore

G.I. Joe = Gah..as if the toys and the cartoon were not stupid enough...


There you go gayley corrected that for you.  Guess its back to anime to get good thought provoking art for me.


gauleyboy420 8/13/2009 3:31:35 PM

well zaldar no harm no foul, I can't stand Anime (with few exceptions, Cowboy Beebop, Akira), so that may be why I like all the things you don't like and visa versa.


Yet I won't bust on anime, I just don't enjoy it.

I do enjoy me some comic inspired summer action blockbusters.

I remember when there were mindless action movies that didn't star my favorite characters...that was OK, but I like it the way it is now better

zaldar 8/14/2009 12:04:36 AM

Heh...you should watch Ghost in the Shell.  Given how you liked the end of BSG (still say that is out of character for you) I think Ghost in the Shell would be right up your ally, and the anime you like are the ones I think are overrated ;).


Feel free to bust on it I enjoy defending it ;).  And I busted on your tastes so it would be only fair ;).

gauleyboy420 8/14/2009 1:51:17 AM

I think I watched GITS a while back and I love drawing and animation, I just can't get into anime, maybe Vampire Hunter D, but yeah just not my cup o' coffee.

And it goes to show that not everyone that loves movies like Transformers 1&2 are mindless. I really do like thought provoking enetertainment. I also love giant robots turning into cars and fighting


I still won't bust bals on taste, just loudly voice my opinion on what I like. I hate a hater


I appreciate anime, just don't enjoy much of it...oh yeah I liked the Batman anime that came out last year

shac2846 8/14/2009 9:22:22 AM

GAULEY, all jokes aside, some times it's not fanboy hate as it's just a fact of life. This summer SUCKED. I agree 100% with Rob's review and his comments about this summer. Star Trek was entertaining and Up was fantastic but District 9 looks like it will be the real winner of the summer. I've seen Wolverine, Terminator Salvation, Transformers 2, and I'm sad to say GI Joe, I defy you Gauley to explain to me how those last movies weren't toy commercials. Yes I’m not an idiot I know a few of them were toys first but there movies now and you don’t make movies to sell toys, you just don’t. Sure it's okay to sell merchandising tie ins but lets assemble something that remotely resembles a story first. GI Joe I think was an even bigger offender than Transformers; At least five big action scenes intercut with dialogue so that the director could say he gave you a breather. I have never felt more stupid and mad at myself than when I was watching GI Joe. And I'm even more pissed at Fox for taking one of the best comic properties, Wolvernine, and turning it into complete and utter bullshit. What a waste.

I think if you were honest with yourself Gauley you would look back on the above movies five years from now and say, what the fuck was I thinking! Like I said, I'm not hatin' on you Gauley I just see your comments and others who are really defending this summer and in reality it was a barren wasteland. I like to be entertained but maybe entertainment for me is different for you. I love good special effects but come on, fuckin' GI Joe!!!!!!!!! I could hear Stephen Sommers behind the screen laughing at me and counting all the money he got from myself and the other jackasses that were in that theatre.

I don't always agree with Wiseguy, (too much dark knight hate) but he's absolutely right if District 9 is indeed good let's get out and support the shit out of this thing and send a message.

PS. Speaking of haters, even if Avatar sucks it will mop the floor with fucking transformers and GI Joe. Whew! I’m feeling a little better now.

fatpantz 8/14/2009 10:55:20 AM

My other choice for sleeper hit is going to be Ninja Assassin....thats right, I said it....NINJA ASSASSIN!!

how can you go wrong with ninjas????

Also cant wait to see Distric 9...hopefully going tomorrow

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