DJANGO UNCHAINED - International Trailer Teaser -

DJANGO UNCHAINED - International Trailer Teaser

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DJANGO UNCHAINED - International Trailer Teaser

A quick look at some new footage

By Robert T. Trate     June 13, 2012
Source: Sony Pictures

Here is the new International teaser trailer for Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained.
Plot Concept: In Quentin Tarantino's new spaghetti Western, the title character Django (Jamie Foxx) is a freed slave, who under the tutelage of a German bounty hunter (Christoph Waltz) becomes a badass bounty hunter himself. After assisting Waltz on taking down some bad guys for profit, he is in turn assisted by Waltz in tracking down his slave wife (Carrie Washington) and liberating her from an evil plantation owner (Leonardo DiCaprio). Described as a 100 percent popcorn/revenge flick, the story deals with racism and the evil slave owning south.

Django Unchained arrives in theaters December 25, 2012.  


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xenomorph 6/13/2012 4:37:28 AM

I checked out the trailer again on youtube, and in the comments section there are a lot of pissed off neo-nazi's and kkk members. I can't wait to see this!

Wiseguy 6/13/2012 7:49:30 AM

That's a different delivery and camera angle of Leo's line at the end from the original trailer. I liked the other one better.

You know it totally escaped me that Sam L Jackson was in this.

DaveFu50 6/13/2012 8:37:25 AM

 Will this film break QT's record for using the N word in a film? 

Tonebone 6/13/2012 9:00:04 AM

When you say Carrie Washington as his wife, do you mean Kerry Washington? I know she's in the movie. Unless there is some other actress named Carrie Washington in the film

aegrant 6/13/2012 9:12:29 AM

My question is who plays the black Hause Cartwright?

nemesis1_57 6/13/2012 9:30:54 AM

This movie is going to be Bad Ass




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