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DLC for Take Two's GTA IV Delayed

Special episodes for the title coming in November.

By Jarrod Sarafin     June 06, 2008
Source: Shacknews

Grand Theft Auto IV Screenshot
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This is pretty strange news coming out of Shacknews that downloadable content (DLC) has been delayed for Xbox 360ers, seeing how there was no set release date in the first place. Still, the site is reporting that two special episodes for Grand Theft Auto IV, prepared exclusively for the Microsoft console won't be coming out until Take-Two's 2009 fiscal season, which is the first of November 2008 through the last of January 2009.

The reason behind the delay is "in order to provide a better balance in Take-Two's release schedule", according to inside sources. As to what the two episodes of DLC covers, nobody knows. When that's revealed, we'll pass it along.


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joeybaloney 6/6/2008 8:33:46 AM
Helloooooo PS3.
rasgonzo 6/6/2008 12:30:01 PM
LOL the PS3, most expensive paper weight I ever sold.
joeybaloney 6/6/2008 1:12:42 PM
LOL. I feel ya gonzo, I do. I've been struggling with which system to delay a rent check on for a while now. My brother's had both systems for about a month now & I've been chatting it up with some fellow maniacs. A year ago I'd agree with the paperweight assessment but there are a ton of Xbox games coming over soon. I think that technically it's a better system but has been underused. Think that's changing. Most folk I know with an Xbox haven't been real impressed with the download content, or the problems they've had downloading it. This article just drove that last point home for me. But that's just an opinion from someone who ain't got either yet so take it for what it's worth.
hanso 6/6/2008 6:45:09 PM
rasgonzo Kimbo Slice would destroy you!
scytheofluna 6/7/2008 12:03:44 PM
The DLC isn't coming to PS3 any time soon, Microsoft paid big bucks to ensure this. As for the delay, rumours abound as to the specific nature of the content and range from the requisite cars, guns and clothes, to new areas within Liberty City, to the more grandiose suggestion that San Andreas might be updated and released as a downloadable environment. The DLC is the only reason I went with the 360 version since I own all the other GTA stuff on the PS2. I actually fired up my PS3 for the first time in a while the other day to try out the Godfather "Don's Edition" which I found for 15 bucks at Toys R Us. The game is a decent update of the PS2 version, but I was once again quite annoyed by the system's interface. I was part way through a mission, and was taking machine gun fire when an error message popped up over my game to tell me my connection to the server had failed. My game continued unpaused and my character was killed in a hail of bullets as I vainly attempted to clear the message to pause my game. When you get an error message on Microsoft's machine the game pauses automatically until you clear the message. Sony has a bad habit of doing things differently just for the sake of differentiating themselves, and they don't always do what's best for the customer. Oh well, this week the PS3's killer app will finally be in my hands in the form of Metal Gear Solid 4. As for you guys waiting it out to see which system comes out on top, it's a lost cause. Both systems are going to have "must have" exclusive titles, so buy a 360 this year play all of the great 360 games that are already available, and save up and buy a PS3 next year when they have a broader library, and they drop the price again. Either that or just give up and buy a Wii, and enjoy all 5 great games that system has to offer, the system's cheap, but it doesn't have much to offer older gamers. At this rate the PS4 and XBOX 720 will be released before you make up your minds, and you're missing out on some amazing stuff.
joeybaloney 6/7/2008 7:34:41 PM
Yeah. I do need to poop or get off the pot.


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