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Doc Savage

By Coming Attractions     May 28, 2003

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Production Company:
Castle Rock Entertainment.

Project Phase:
Development Hell.

Who's In It:
Arnold Schwarzenegger (Doc Savage, attached).

Who's Making It:
Brett Hill, David Johnson (Screenwriters); Frank Darabont, Chuck Russell (Producers); based on the character created by Kenneth Robeson.

A brilliant millionaire and his five companions travel the globe seeking adventure.

Release Date:

Robeson's Man of Bronze reached his height of popularity back in the days of the 30s, 40s and 50s, the era of pulp novels. You would think that if audiences embraced INDIANA JONES, there would be some love for a DOC SAVAGE film. Perhaps the biggest obstacle to overcome is how to successfully update the character for modern audiences yet retain all the elements that made Savage so popular for past generations.

Scoop Feedback:

April 14, 2000... While talking to regarding the script by David Leslie Johnson, Arnold Schwarzenegger revealed, "That's being written now as we speak. But ... I've not seen a finished draft. I've only seen parts of it."

Arnold also spoke of how he got involved in the project, saying, "Frank Darabont and Chuck Russell [and I] ... were always sitting down together talking about what would be great to do, what could we do together. And Frank Darabont said, 'You know something, I've been watching you. You're like Doc Savage. Have you ever thought about it? ... You're more Doc Savage than you are Conan or the Terminator. You'll be great. ... Would you ever do it?' And I said, 'Why not?' That's how that all happened."

May 28, 2003... Dead in the water? There's been no news about the proposed DOC SAVAGE movie for nearly three full years now. While Schwarzenegger remains still attached to the project, no one studio seems to be in a rush to develop the movie as one of their summer tentpole releases. All that could change if Arnold reignites his movie career this summer with TERMINATOR 3: RISE OF THE MACHINES.


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