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goldeneyez 5/16/2013 6:30:39 AM

I liked it a lot.  It was cool seeing a bad version of the Doctor.  The episode also really did make the Cybermen a lot more menacing than in previous NuWho outings with them.  The only modern take on the Cybermen that out does it is the Cyberwoman episode of Torchwood.

HomestarRunner 5/16/2013 7:08:50 AM

I realize their presence triggered the conflict, but I really disliked the kids, especially Miss Moody Teenager. Apparently, travelling somewhere in a box that's much bigger (and cooler) on the inside wasn't enough to impress her.

Next time, leave the kids at home.

RobertTrate 5/16/2013 2:02:28 PM

 I liked Warwick Davis' performance in this episode more than I liked the episode. It was missing somehting. Loved the Cybermen though!

CaptAmerica04 5/17/2013 5:24:27 PM

Warwick Davis was great.  He really is getting more distinguished in appearance with age.  And his thespian skills are better than most "A-list" actors of taller stature.  I really believed every word he said, and I really felt for this lonely man at the top of the universe.

The kids were annoying... or at least annoyingly average in portrayal, but that's okay.  They were more of a catalyst for events than center stage characers.  As long as we don't see much more or them, I'm fine.

Now... when does the show start up again?!



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